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Nature conservation while hang-gliding and paragliding

Hardly any other air sport conveys bird flight and an intense experience of nature better than hang-gliding and paragliding. With solar energy and dynamic winds, natural resources are used for silent flying. How hang-gliding and paragliding pilots can impair the quality of life of animals and plants is not so clear at first glance. After all, you fly without a motor, almost silently and only use natural resources. Where is the problem? When impairments arise, how can they be resolved and best avoided? As a committed hang-glider or paraglider pilot, can I even help protect nature? These questions are investigated in the "Nature Conservation Training Documents" according to the motto "Understand instead of forbid", and the various aspects of nature-friendly flying are explained. Every pilot should better understand the how, where, when and why. The facts should motivate to recognize the needs and demands of plants and animals and to take them into account.

Especially in the early days of hang-gliding and paragliding, there were numerous conflicts between nature conservation, hunting and pilots when it came to the approval of airfields. The discussion, which was originally very emotional, has meanwhile largely given way to constructive dialogue. Extensive scientific research into the effects of hang-gliding and paragliding on wildlife and vegetation has been carried out in recent years. The findings form the basis for problem solving and cooperation between nature conservation and pilots.

The integration of the pilots in nature conservation has proven itself. In many areas, the clubs do valuable maintenance and development work in terms of nature conservation. In this way, for example, valuable thin and dry lawn areas are preserved through regular mowing work. Many clubs also take a lot of effort to rehabilitate the launch sites, e.g. by installing jute mats.

The cooperation project between the DHV and the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Berchtesgaden has been running for a number of years under the motto "Use thermals - protect eagles". This is a special information system. The pilots are informed of the areas that are sensitive to the golden eagle. In this way, hang-gliders and paragliders can avoid the particularly sensitive areas. Alternatively, thermal areas that are of interest to the pilots are displayed. this system has since been successfully transferred to other areas. Due to the cooperation with the local hang-gliding and paragliding clubs, the acceptance of the regulations is very high. E.g. on Wallberg in the district of Miesbach, despite the relative proximity of the golden eagle nest to the airfield, no negative influence could be determined.

Nature conservation while hang-gliding and paragliding