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Email service provider

What is an email service provider?

A Email service provider abbreviated ESP is a service provider specializing in sending bulk e-mails for other companies. The ESP provides the infrastructure required for sending e-mails and, depending on the business orientation, takes on other tasks such as managing e-mail addresses or creating e-mail content.

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase sales while staying in touch with customers. However, for the creation of e-mail campaigns Time and resources neededthat are often not available to companies. An email service provider can help companies of all sizes to generate and send targeted emails and to evaluate the success or failure of a campaign.

ESP can do the Efficiency and productivity Maximize an Email Marketer. However, many small and medium-sized businesses still use their own email clients such as:

Another list for other ESPs can be found here (https://www.techradar.com/uk/news/best-email-provider)

Tasks of an email service provider

As a specialized service provider, an e-mail service provider takes on the management and maintenance of the e-mail subscribers, creates and sends the e-mails and provides its customers with meaningful evaluations of the success of the campaigns. In addition, serous ESP ensure that the legal regulations for sending e-mails are complied with.

Subscriber Management

Manually subscribing to and unsubscribing from people on a mailing list is a time-consuming and error-prone task. Email service providers provide their customers with tools for the automatic management of email lists available or take over this task for their customers. Various providers such as MailChimp help their customers to create a registration form for a newsletter and generate the HTML code to embed the form in a website.

Every new subscriber to the newsletter is then automatically added to the email list. Unsubscribes are handled just as easily. When a subscriber clicks the unsubscribe link on an email, they are automatically unsubscribed from the mailing list.

In general, an ESP offers the possibility of Segments based on campaign interactionsTo create properties of subscribers, regions and much more.

Campaign creation tools

Most ESPs provide tools that can be used to create creative and visually pleasing email campaigns without any programming knowledge. Most email service providers also provide templates that are easy to use. Email templates and drag-and-drop editors can save a lot of work and that Make creating professionally designed content easier. It is usually possible to create your own templates, save them and use them as often as you want for e-mails. As soon as an email design has been created with an online editor from the service provider, the code is automatically generated by the email service provider.

Legally compliant email dispatch

Serious e-mail service providers pay attention to the legal regulations for sending e-mails. This includes the CAN-SPAM Act in the USA. The Reputation is an important component for the long-term economic success of an ESP. This also means that the customers of the ESP must stay within the compliance limits. Examples for this are:

  • properly obtaining authorization to send an email to each individual subscriber
  • Disclosing the identity of the sender
  • Add the unsubscribe link in the email
  • imprint

Companies should therefore ensure that they have up-to-date authorizations and generally adhere to the best practices for sending emails.

Tracking and analysis of email marketing campaigns

Creating an email marketing plan without properly tracking and analyzing the results is usually a waste of time and money. The only way to ensure that email marketing techniques are efficient is to analyze campaign results. An email service provider supports customers with the evaluation and at least provides comprehensive tracking and analysis tools to disposal. This makes it possible to see the percentage of email recipients who opened the messages, forwarded them, or clicked the links. In addition, it can also be analyzed which links the recipients have clicked the most and which links have been paid less attention. ESPs also allow an analysis of the unsubscribes and bounce rates and offer many other statistics for each campaign.

Advantages of e-mail service providers for companies

When a company sends bulk emails from a regular email client, it risks being identified as a spammer. A few dozen e-mails sent occasionally are usually not a problem. However, sending emails on a massive scale can be viewed as suspicious. As soon as a sender has been rated as a spammer, all major ISPs (Internet Service Providers) and their own block the company's domain. As a result, individual e-mails or mass e-mails from this domain are viewed as spam and are usually no longer delivered. This problem is difficult to fix again. If a company sends marketing emails via an email service provider, the entry can be blacklisted and from it resulting consequences can be avoided.

Importance of the e-mail service provider for online marketing

Online marketers continue to use email service providers, and for good reason. On the one hand, ESP support companies in many ways and enable the cost-effective sending of e-mails in large quantities to interested parties and customers. In addition, the return on investment (ROI) in email marketing, depending on the study, is between around 30 and around 40 euros for every euro invested. Informative e-mails that are geared towards the target group and that are sent in compliance with legal regulations help to ensure that Improve customer loyalty and increase sales.


The choice of a suitable and reputable email service provider is therefore an important factor for the success of large-scale email marketing campaigns.