What is your deep web story

What is that actually Darknet?

And what do criminals do on the Darknet?

Unregistered weapons, drugs, identity theft and pirated copies: In the Darknet there is everything that should not exist under the applicable law. Increasingly, IT experts with criminal ambitions are also offering their services on the Darknet. From overload attacks (DoS and DDoS attacks) that are specifically designed to paralyze websites and internet services, to virus kits and spam campaigns - the Darknet is a shopping paradise for cyber criminals. Payment is usually made in one of the numerous electronic crypto currencies that are also designed for anonymity, such as Bitcoin.

Many of the underground forums use a referral system for the approval of new traders. New users are then only approved as dealers if they have been classified as 'trustworthy' by other, already active dealers. In some cases, customers also have to be approved by the operator, pay a “membership fee” or a deposit, before they can see something on the site and are allowed to shop.

Since the users in the Darknet move almost without a trace, investigators can only track down the perpetrators behind the criminal offers, online shops or forums in the Darknet after lengthy research. For this reason, investigative authorities have set up special units whose task it is to penetrate the illegal areas of the Darknet. Classic surveillance work is also one of the tools used to catch the perpetrators: drug deals, for example, are often carried out via packing stations, as in the "Moritz" case. The fact that access cards that are stolen and sold on the Darknet are often used for such transactions for the Packstation makes the criminal network of the Darknet clear.