What is your new moon ritual

New moon ritual - how to get what you want

New moon ritual - how to get what you want

In keeping with the new moon, there is finally the written form of the new moon ritual, which I have never believed in, I want to be honest. Until I thought: It won't do any harm and started to work with the moon. Which changed a lot, but more on that later. Since it's fun, what brings it (also from a psychological point of view) and the results are wonderful, it's time to share this new habit here - so get the notebooks out, dear ones! The new moon is approaching.

How the new moon ritual works

All you need is a sheet of paper or, even better, a nice, fresh notebook. At the new moon it is now important to use the energy for the fresh lunar cycle and to invite what you want into your life. Which takes a few steps that not only make sense in terms of the moon.

Get yourself in good shape

Your new moon wishes should not be “away from” wishes, because studies say they make us rather dissatisfied. They are part of the lack that we see in our lives and so we usually approach these types of goals with great effort, without trust and a little tense. Instead, you want to invite goodness into your life out of a feeling of abundance. To get into really good shape, start your ritual with a list of gratitude, because it is always good for you. For a full page (or two), write down everything that you are currently grateful for in your life. Everything that you value, like, love about your life, what you enjoy and celebrate, has to be on this list! You will notice how you have a smile on your face more and more and how you feel good.

New moon wishes

Now think about the next weeks and months: What do you want in your life? What do you want to keep Invite what How do you wanna feel What do you wish for your loved ones? Something for you? For your career? Your friendships? Your love? From gut instinct, write down five to ten of your heart's desires and look at this list.

Feel in

Now sit and feel how it will feel. Color out the individual points and let pictures emerge in front of your inner eye. When we dream so consciously into our future, we can feel exactly how good it will do us. We also feel where we don't want to go yet - because sometimes we are not yet ready for all of our wishes. Feeling is important to achieve two things: The inner images motivate us again in a different, subtle way and, according to studies, are also essential for success. Make sure that you can also see yourself in the target photo, this should work even better. Build an inner picture of each of your wishes. That is fun! See you if this comes true: what will you look like? To do something? The more you immerse yourself here, the better you program your subconscious a little. In this way you ensure that at least part of the estimated 80% of automatic, unconscious actions lead towards the goal.

How much do you think

Did you know that we only reach our full potential when we really believe in ourselves and our happiness? So next to each of your goals, write a percentage that shows how much you believe that this wish will come true. The scale is simple: 0% means that you don't even believe that it could come true and 100% that you are completely sure. Choose a number between 0 and 100 based on your gut feeling and think about it: How can I believe more?

Believe more and find affirmations

I love affirmations very much. They help me to believe in what is good and to choose for myself how I want to see certain situations. Now when you see your assessments - find a positive belief for every wish. This reflects what you want to experience. For example, if your wish is to live an intimate partnership, then a suitable affirmation could be to strengthen: We look at each other with respect and love. Or: We look at each other and ourselves gently and with compassion. Or: We treat each other with love. or or or - there are countless possibilities! Choose a nice sentence for each of your wishes and then read through the collection again.

Get into action

The last step is to get yourself moving: think about what exactly you can do you do to make it all come true? What is your personal commitment? How do you want to proceed? For each of the points, think about one, at most two, concrete actions that will bring you closer to the goal. In the example above, this could be taking your partner out to a nice evening together or consciously listening to him better or or or.

And now?

Your list is now ready. Finally, meditate on all the points, feel again how it will feel when your wishes come true, and then feel how you are doing all the things that have been set out to you. The latter means that you can focus on these things in the next month and that your subconscious also knows about it. You can read through your affirmations daily if you like. I don't always do this, but I do it every now and then. And then the most important thing: let yourself be surprised what will come true and when!

The right motivation

for the ritual I will definitely come when I “chat” from my lunar journal and tell you what I have entered in the last few months. Here are a few examples of my new moon wishes:

  • I feel connected, safe and good.
  • All children are fine.
  • The superman and I love and support each other on our way.
  • We find a new, nice car
  • I help more and more people on their way to happiness.
  • We find a publisher for the lucky year.
  • My independence starts with a feeling of security.
  • I'm building a great online course.

Exciting, isn't it? It's a mixed bag, as you can see (and of course there's a lot more in the booklet, but not everything belongs here). Writing it down did me good. Thinking about it month after month and formulating exactly what is important to me created focus.


What happened is that my husband was the ultimate giver when it came to my resignation. Since then he has supported me so wonderfully on this path. He goes to book presentations and gives me the most valuable feedback. The feeling of security also came when my old employer decided to continue working with me after my termination and you also received a lot of praise from all corners. The Musketierverlag has postponed the lucky year with full vigor and has since invested a lot of time and energy in the success of our project. The children are of course fine and so am I, of course.

Stumbling blocks?

Stumbling blocks on the way to happiness also turned out to be ultimately good experiences. So the first car order in the dealership was "forgotten" - which meant that we had to wait three months longer, but received the latest version of the dream car, including a facelift and stylish engine updates. My happiness training is not online yet, but I am part of the wonderful Spiritual Business School (attention, advertising block) and have learned so much about online courses that I will soon be ready to build a very wonderful online training about happiness myself.

Here we go

So, dear ones, let's go! Please share your experiences with me and, if you have other lunar rituals, please share these too. I now believe very much that there is so much that I do not yet understand. Only gradually do I notice how powerful some things are that I previously dismissed as "esokram". In fact, all of this also makes sense from a psychological point of view - let's look away from the moon. Finding goals, introducing yourself, working on your own mindset and getting down to business - nothing else is recommended by good coaches. I am therefore very curious to see how you like it!

dearest greetings


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