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ndk-build won't create superpowered audio library after last NDK update - Android, C ++, Audio, SDK, Android-ndk

UPDATE March 19, 2016: Superpowered has released new binaries that work with NDK r11

I'm trying to build SuperPowered Library CrossExample sample project in Android Studio. Until the last NDK update it worked like charm, but now running ndk-build gives an error:

I've tried building with different tool chains, removing / adding multiple build flags with no luck so far.

In another project that uses Superpowered SDK and pretty much the same configuration I get some different error details. Part of the output message log:

What doesn't look right is an undefined reference to __page_size in unistd.h. However, I have very little idea about further troubleshooting.

Thanks for any help / suggestions!


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The changes made in this NDK Commitment seem to explain the problem you are seeing. has been replaced with for Android API level 12 and below. As you use API level 9 and code that references directly, you will see an effect from this change.

However, it looks like the method signature for hasn't changed across NDK versions or across API levels, so you should be able to fix this error by using replace with in the following places:

SuperpoweredSource / decoder / SuperpoweredDecoder.cpp: 120 SuperpoweredSource / decoder / hlsreader.cpp: 582

To update: To fix the problem without changing the Superpowered source code, you need to define the symbol. To do that, you could create a tiny dummy library that just contains

Then add a module for this library to your Android.mk (or your build.gradle if you are using the new experimental system) and make the module for superpowered dependent on the dummy module.

Or you could file a bug report with Superpowered.

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As a workaround for the situation, I reset NDK to r10e, which worked. Will use it until the superpowered library is fixed. Thanks to @Bullsy