Which K-pop fandoms fight the most

Prejudice [edit | Edit source]

  • All male kpop singers are gay
  • "Kpop is this strange Asian or Chinese music!"
  • All songs always sound exactly the same
  • Always the same choreography
  • Kpop fans are crazy weirdos
  • Excessive use of voice editing / autotune
  • Kpop singers cannot sing live, they all only sing live playback
  • All Kpop songs are just stolen from American pop music.
  • Meaningless texts
  • Song titles don't make sense
  • Lack of emotion in the songs
  • They all look the same
  • Why do they put on make-up ?!

Enlightenment [edit | Edit source]

  • That ALL Kpop singers are gay is absolute nonsense. In Korea, for example, it is considered completely normal that most men generally have more feminine features. All the prejudices that prevail here in this country against gays would apply to the majority of Korean men in Korea, even though most of them are not gay. In addition, the men in Korea do not shy away from make-up like eyeliner. see: Homosexuality in South Korea. In addition, it is not at all welcomed in Korea when someone is really gay or when someone comes out. See Kpop group D-crunch. There was a gig here because one of the members "looked gay"! The boys were devastated and had to fight with tears!
  • No Kpop is KOREAN language pop music from SOUTH KOREA. The music has nothing to do with China. And just because it's an Asian or KOREAN style of music, the music is not automatically weird or strange.
  • The songs don't all sound the same. And the dances are not always the same. Of course there are sometimes similar melodies. However, Kpop itself is very, very varied.
  • Not every Kpop fan is automatically a crazy weirdo. Most Kpop fans behave completely normal. However, there is a form of “crazy Kpop fans”, namely the so-called Sasaeng fans or Koreaboos, see Kpop Fan's. Koreaboos are not liked by most Kpop fans! However, not everyone who listens to popular music is automatically one of these Sasaeng fans.
  • There are hardly any songs in the pop music scene these days where the voices have not been edited, and that applies to both kpop and American pop, for example. However, this does not mean that it is used excessively in Kpop.
  • Kpop singers can very well sing live, an example of this would be the Korean singer Ailee. You can also see this in many videos if you type in, for example: amazing life vokals kpop. And only very few of them make sense with playback!
  • It is true that Korean pop music is very similar to American music. Well-known songs like Dancing Queen are also covered by the Kpop stars. Even so, Koreans sing their own songs, with their own style, instead of stealing all the songs from America. You should also keep in mind that many American stars also cover older, well-known songs.
  • Since it's pop music, not every song has a special message, it's no different with American pop music. Nevertheless, there are also songs that are supposed to convey special messages. The treatment of topics in Kpop generally relates more to topics such as love and friendship, but also in more rare cases to topics such as parties (i.e. celebrations). These are the typical pop music themes in general. An example song with a more specific message from Got7 would be "Just Right", which conveys: "You are beautiful the way you are and don't need to change!".
  • You should also keep in mind that it is difficult to judge a song if you only understand fragments and not the entire part, including the Korean lyrics. So as a non-Korean speaker you can't even know what the song is about. You basically form an opinion based on the music video and the music without understanding the lyrics, which means that you don't recognize the actual message of the song.
  • There are a lot of emotional and soulful Kpopongs. An example of this would be from The Ark - The Light, from Exo Baby, don`t cry or from Ailee - I will show you

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