What are the career opportunities in CSE

Dual study computer science career

What career and training opportunities are there?

Dual degree in Computer Science

After completing your dual degree in Computer Science, you will have both IT skills and business know-how. This not only gives you an idea of ​​hardware, software and programming, you can also advise customers and manage projects.


After the Bachelor of Science, you can of course also add the Master's degree. Master’s degrees are offered in pretty much every area of ​​computer science. With a master’s degree, you can still get a little more out of your salary negotiations, and if a management position is ever awarded, the master’s degree can be an argument to give you the job. Incidentally, such a master’s course is often sponsored by the company and offered alongside work.

Advanced training

After completing your dual degree in Computer Science, you have numerous opportunities to continue your education and thus specialize in a certain subject. Because the company you work for has usually already trained and promoted you, they are particularly interested in making you an even better employee. Therefore, many training courses are carried out directly by your employer and do not cost you anything. Possible further training areas are, for example, IT consulting, organizational support, software engineering or project management.

Project manager

As a project manager, you have great responsibility for a specific project. This can be a large customer order or the development of a specific program. You are responsible for dividing the budget, delegating the tasks to your employees, being the contact person for everyone involved and overseeing the entire development. As a project manager, you are in one of the highest positions that you can achieve with a dual degree in Computer Science. This will be rewarded accordingly, in such a case your salary will be significantly higher than the maximum salary of 4,000 euros per month specified by us.


With the dual degree in Computer Science you have actually created a great basis for becoming self-employed at some point, if you feel like it. For example, you could set up your own IT consulting firm or offer a similar IT service. You have both the technical knowledge and the important business basics that you should master when starting a business. What you are still missing now are a few years of professional experience to get to know the business better, a network of customers to secure the orders for you, and a little equity.