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Looks like whatever good-guy sitcom star Bobby Stark said, she didn't like it.
Apparently you have what we prefer Sitcom star Bobby Stark said - ... didn't like it.

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Your B-level sitcom stars, your Reality TV writers.
In 1999, she was the lead actress in the WB television sitcom Movie Stars.
In 1999 she starred in the Sitcom Movie Stars.
We'd like to give you your own prime-time sitcom to star in.
The twins were stars of the hit sitcom, "Double Trouble".
Texaco star Theater hosted by Milton Berle dominated early television audiences. Then came the sitcom, of which I Love Lucy was a notable example.
The Texaco Star theater, hosted by Milton Berle, dominated early television audiences. Then came that sitcomI love Lucy was a notable example of which.
He is taking guest star and title roles, hitting various genres - sitcom, western, sci-fi thriller, romance, parody, drama, action ...
He takes roles as Guest star and title roles, uses different genres - Sitcom, Westerns, sci-fi thrillers, romance, parody, drama, action ...
This last is a contester known in San Francisco for imagining himself as a victim of an intergalactic conspiracy, a star of a sitcom shot against his will, "The Richest Family", and broadcasted in alternative galaxies.
This protester, known in San Francisco, sees himself as a victim of an intergalactic conspiracy. He is star the one turned against his will Sitcom, "The richest family", broadcast in other galaxies.
It stars Kazunari Ninomiya and YamaP. It's a funny, sitcom-like drama. My older sister was a NEWS fanclub member (laughs).
It's a fun one sitcom-like Drama. My older sister was in the NEWS fan club (laughs).
Become a shamanic practitioner Once in a livetime ... Breed Dogs Animals Be the star on a TV sitcom Once in a livetime ...
Dogs breed once in a lifetime ..., animals star a TV Sitcom once in a lifetime ...
He became the rising star when he played as "Peerapol" in the high-rating "3 Num 3 Mum" sitcom in 1991.
He became the ascending one star when he played as "Peerapol" in the high-rated "3 Num 3 Mum" Sitcom in 1991.
With The Civil Servants, the stars of the TV sitcom MA 2412 did no more than to move their municipal nonsense department to the large screen.
With MA 2412 - Die Staatsdiener the nationally famous officials of the Christmas lecture done nothing more than lift their nonsense section from television to the movie screen.
It was rumored that a Desilu loss during this time was Carol Burnett, who declined to star in a sitcom for the studio in favor of The Carol Burnett Show, a weekly variety show that lasted 11 seasons.
A loss for Desilu was the cancellation of Carol Burnett, for her own Sitcom was intended; Burnett instead accepted an offer for a weekly variety show on television, which it ran under the title The Carol Burnett Show for eleven seasons.
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