Who is your favorite Daedric prince?

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Friday, June 6th 2014, 8:42 pm

Sit down with Wotan's children hikers and tell us about your adventures,


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What's the name of your guild? Does this name have a special meaning or history?

Name Wotan's children is inspired by Norse mythology and
the Ring of the Nibelungs by Richard Wagner. Originally we wanted each other
then called Götterdämmerung.

When was the guild founded? Tell us how your guild came into being.

Guild was founded in 1999 in the gloomy forests of Nektulos im Spiel
Everquest 1. In DAoC (Midgard, on the Stonehenge server) made itself
the guild a name. You can find a small one on our homepage
History of the creation of the guild.

Which alliance has your guild sworn allegiance to?

We are part of the Ebonheart Pact.

Why was this alliance chosen?

had our members vote that, and I did it
see, it was probably the Nords who made the difference.
Due to the tradition in our guild, we are drawn whenever
possible in this setup.

How many members does your guild have at the moment?

We started the release with 50 members and 10 applicants.

Does your guild have a website?

Our guild has a self-programmed homepage and its own TS3 server.

What time of the day is your guild most active?

we have a lot of working members, it usually starts at 4:00 p.m.
really lively in the TS and guild chat. Over the weekend is to everyone
Time of day something going on.

Which languages ​​or nationalities are represented in your guild?

We are a German-speaking guild, with players from Austria, Switzerland and, right from the start, a few Dutch and Bavarians.

What do your guild members like to do together in ESO?
what is your guild most focused on in the game? Explore them
prefer dungeons, take over castles in Cyrodiil, visit them
Taverns for role-playing games, manufacture goods and trade or
is it even a combination of all of these?

plays the PvE, the craft and also the good single player content for
play an important role for us. Wotan's Children is clearly a guild
is committed to fighting on the battlefield and
We are very happy in TESO that there is another competition between three factions
to be able to experience.

What makes your guild unique?

Gilde Wotan's Kinder can look back on 15 years of tradition.
With us, parents play with their children and have couples for life
and friendships have developed that also switch off afterwards
of the PC still exist. Our guild council is still with today
Founding members occupied.

Is your guild part of a larger alliance of guilds? What was the reason for the merger?

not, because we want to go to the RvsR first. Active participation
in an alliance, however, is a very central element for us and we are happy
us already on it.

Does your guild hold special events? If so, let us know!

The highlight for me is always the promotion of applicants to the
Member after having passed the admission period. Usually we host
ingame a roleplay event in cool places, or in costumes and
with partly right ... demanding exams.

What has been your favorite or most memorable moment with your guild in ESO so far?

think many members were more than proud than ours
unlock their own guild shop. Again from a standing start
To see so many raven warriors united was a good feeling. Not every
A member of the online community is also represented in every game. In
Teso saw many old friends again.

Has your guild secretly (or maybe obviously) conspired to a Daedric prince? If so, which one?

I don't think so, because next to Wotan there would also be a Daedric prince
have bad cards and we as his children are more than loyal to him

Where does your guild spend their time to relax after a long day of exhausting adventure?

there is nothing better than after a successful battle in the
own Keep to patrol the battlements and the
Guards pat on the shoulder. With that in mind, we would be very pleased
wish to be able to bring a banner into the game as a guild. We
can't wait to hoist the raven again.

Give us amusing facts about your guild.

  • If
    one with us in the teamspeak with an Austrian, a Saxon and
    If you play with a Dutchman, you have to work in a German-speaking one
    Ask the guild in advance.

  • At our
    Regular RL meetings are always entertaining to see how
    the person behind the avatar looks. Often the shield tank was with him
    you always felt safe with a shy guy and that
    Dwarf 1.95.

  • At our first RL meeting on the
    Araburg, with archery and barbecuing in a medieval
    Ruin, it was always an experience when the heroes of the day then night
    Her tower room is slightly lively and with poor lighting
    sought out.

If other players want to join your guild, who should you contact?

the forum can always quickly find a member around the applicant
welcome and answer initial questions. We have committed
Applicant officers and each accepted applicant will be a mentor
put aside.

Ingame a PN to @Yasca or @Apyx or @BrageEisenfaust or @Erzzauberin

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