What's your favorite Chopin prelude

Chopin: Preludes op.28

... I have to fit ... I am probably totally nailed up ...

Of course, some of the collection are gorgeous, e.g. I love that in A flat major (poor Mendelsohn, he never managed to get SO a song without words ... ok, that sounds heretical, but where necessary, I like to prove it) in C minor is anticipated "minimal art", of course that is a real stunner in D minor !!!

What I mean is: Until today I have not been able to understand why one pretends to perceive the 24 Preludes as a "cycle" - these pieces are cyclical, as far as I can tell, only in the sense of the circle of fifths ... By "cycles" I mean I belong together pieces, like the children's scenes, carnival, or pictures at an exhibition (ok, I don't consider the two volumes of etudes to be "cycles" either, and do not consider it edifying to play a complete volume of them in a concert) --- I think so too not that Chopin composed them as a cycle a la Schumann, they are rather individual pieces like the mazurkas (ok, there are occasionally combinations that could almost be described as "Polish sonata"), but the question is: did Chopin want that ? Did he really and demonstrably intended to be cyclical ???

But I do not want to deny the possibility that I simply do not yet understand the inner connection in op.28.

Will I learn here to understand the Preludes cyclically? I would be very happy about that!!!

I've played all of them once, some of them (E flat major, B flat minor, D minor) are practically disguised etudes, i.e. they drill a manual problem, and they do that at a high etude level; some are actually ingenious nocturnes (the rightly famous Raindrop D flat major) - some are eternally enigmatic, sphinx-like music (C major, A minor, E flat minor): I am convinced that Schumann wrote the best characterization of the Preludes : "Eagle wings, sketches" etc.

... I still find them fascinating, and somehow I can endure 24 Preludes by Chopin better than any Preludes collection by Rachmaninov, Scriabin or Debussy (even if you stone me: the last three are not cycles) - and more successful than Liszt's They are also tiring years of wandering (Liszt has fantastic individual items in these collections, but even Lisztfan dreads when I have to listen to years of wandering for more than half an hour in a row ... 9

Sphinxes, enigmatic, aloof, incomprehensible, beautiful

At the moment I can't think of more to op.28 (stop: of course it's a kind of epoch-making collection, that is to say school-setting - either real cycles a la Schumann, or a collection a la Chopin)