How reliable is computer science

Reliable systems

Contact Person: Prof. O.Theel

Summary of the specialization and its goals (pdf)

Basically, students specializing in "Reliable Systems" should acquire the knowledge, skills and competencies that are imparted in the general M.Sc. program in Computer Science. In addition, the aim of the specialization is to specialize students in theoretical, practical and applied computer science with regard to the knowledge, analysis and design of reliable software systems - as they are used in particular in distributed implementation environments. In addition to the usual functional properties, reliable software systems have so-called non-functional properties such as high availability, a high probability of survival or a high level of security, as well as the highest possible performance under these specifications.


Reliable systems are used in particular where human or economic assets are threatened to a high degree by system failure. Reliable systems are used in the control and design of large technical devices such as power plants, distribution networks for electricity, gas and information, high-tech devices such as satellites, airplanes, ships and trains, but also in devices of everyday life such as cell phones and cars or implemented by reliable systems reliable services such as high-availability data storage and (telephone) switching services. The specialization prepares you for a professional activity e.g. with the manufacturers of such critical systems resp. the providers or operators of such critical services.