What is the longest street in Canada

Yonge Street

Yonge Street is a street in the Canadian province of Ontario. It begins as one of the main arteries of the largest Canadian city of Toronto and ends after 1,896 kilometers as a provincial road in northern Ontario. Its length has earned Yonge Street an entry in the Guinness Book of Records.
Yonge Street begins right on the shores of Lake Ontario in Toronto. From there it runs north to the town of Cochrane and from there gradually westwards towards Thunder Bay on Lake Superior. Then it runs towards the city of Rainy River, where it ends on the border with the US state of Minnesota. As Highway 11, Yonge Street officially extends over 1,896 km, but some changes in responsibility for the road in the 1990s meant that the actual Yonge Street is now financed locally and Highway 11 is under the administration of the province of Ontario. As a result, Yonge Street now ends in Barrie, with one exception in Bradford, where the street is known as Bridge Street. All of this has led to disputes over the title of “the longest street in the world” as Yonge Street is officially “only” about 99 km long. The length of Highway 11 is currently 1784 km. In addition, a large part of this north of Barrie was expanded into an expressway with a slightly different route.

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