What do locals eat in Kerala

Our guest house in Kerala



We mainly prepare the original local cuisine, but not too spicy. Sometimes, or as requested, we can also offer continental food. Our food is almost vegetarian and always freshly prepared.

Most of the food comes from organic farming. The rice from our fields, the vegetables, fruits and forest products, honey, milk from the cow and fresh farm eggs - everything comes from our land, which has been organically farmed for 25 years. We make our own oils, our pickles, our jams and fruit juices, our flour and our spices ourselves. The drinking water is always boiled with a cleansing Ayurvedic component and then cooled.

You can prepare your own early morning tea or coffee in the kitchenette, a complementary, steaming fresh Indian breakfast, or a continental breakfast with eggs, home-baked bread and home-made jams, along with fruit and juice, is served in the cottage. On request there is a typical Kerales lunch with many side dishes, which we usually eat together in the “big house”. For dinner in the cottage, if desired, there are chapatties, bharottas or the like with a curry. In between we offer the fruit juices or refreshments of the season, for the tea time a snack. We offer lunch and dinner at moderate prices.