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Top USA Classified Websites for Selling or Buying Products and Services

Classified ads are a form of advertising popular in newspapers and online sites where consumers are selling things and services. Sometimes they are cheaper while others are free. There are tons of websites in the US that offer this service. Below is a list of the Top USA Classified Sites List.

Top USA Classified Sites List

When we think of classified sites we only know a few popular sites like Craiglist. However, there are tons of websites like OLX, Quikr, and many more that are lesser known but are very popular with users. You can use these websites to buy homes, cars, electronics, and whatnot for sale.

1] Craigslist

This is THE top website and the oldest website, founded in 1995, that consumers visit for almost everything. The website is available on a city basis and offers a list of services, jobs, properties, etc.

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2] eBay Classifieds Group

This site features 10 top brands that operate all over the world and some are only available in a few countries. Some brands also offer mobile apps that send push notifications about offers and services.

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3] Olx

OLX allows you to create your own ads and get a response; stay anonymous when buying and selling a product. The best part is that you don't have to pay for ads and you also use ad points to promote your ads.

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4] Oodle

This classified page curates offers from other popular classified sites and uses the power of social media to buy, sell and trade. Since you need to connect to Facebook to use this properly, you can also read recommendations from friends and acquaintances.

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5] Adpost

Similar to OLX, on this site you can also createFree advertising for the sale and purchase of products and services. You can display up to 100 photos + 1 video for the product. The website also has a dedicated business opportunities section.

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6] Classified ads

It is one of the top startups in Seattle and Inc. 5000 fastest growing company doing what every classified site does. You can find a range of sales items, jobs, pets, real estate, personals, services, vehicles, and even for rent and communities. It offers a video tutorial in case you need help with running ads.

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7] Hoobly

It's a plain and simple classified website that offers and lists advertisements from myriad categories including art, books, electronics and so on.

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8] Locanto

A classified page done right! Unlike other boring HTML-like websites, Locanto looks like the modern version of classified websites. It runs the community, hosts events and a for sale corner to attract customers.

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9] Free classifieds

Does exactly what the name suggests. You can publish anything on this website for free without paying a dime. It also has an advanced search that lets you find everything based on the zip code.

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10] Sell

Started in 1999 when dotcom was booming and e-commerce began. The website specializes in retailer advertising and e-commerce solutions.

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There are tons of classified websites. You can use any of them, but make sure you use the best classifieds sites to sell or buy.