What is UX design in Android

Mobile UX and UI design

Mobile application development begins and ends with the user in mind. The difference between a successful mobile app and one that fails in the market is a high quality user experience (UX). Without a thorough understanding of the behavioral patterns of the users within the app or the psychological basis of your target persons, you will not be able to develop a mobile product that meets or exceeds its central goal.

What is UX design?

The term “user experience” was coined by Don Norman. He is the first to describe the importance of user-centered design: design decisions should be based solely on the needs of the user. The user experience, also known as UX or UXD, encompasses everything that affects a user's perception and interaction with a product. UX also encompasses all aspects of the end user's interaction with a company and its products / services.

The primary job of a UX designer is to convey the feel of a product to users. The UX designer will therefore examine various options for solving user-specific problems and offer a solution. Ultimately, products with good UX are easy to use and straightforward.

What is Mobile User Experience (UX) Design?

Mobile User Experience (UX) design refers to the design of positive experiences with the use of mobile devices and wearables, as well as the applications or services that run on such devices. The mobile communications market places special demands on the design of the user experience. The mobile UX design focuses heavily on efficiency and recognizability.

Mobile users occupy themselves with their devices at crucial moments and only for a short time. Your experiences must be personalized, efficient, and enjoyable. This motivates them and continues to use the app. Therefore, the mobile UX design focuses primarily on usability that can be grasped quickly. This is designed in such a way that it meets spontaneous user requirements. They also change with the context in which the user finds themselves and at the same time keep the levels of interaction as low as possible.


Because of the enormous size of the app sores, discoverability is another major challenge for mobile UX. For this reason, user loyalty and engagement play a major role, because it is often easier to retain existing users and increase their engagement than to find new users. Careful design of the mobile user experience is a fundamental goal for mobile UX designers because it makes for a positive and personally meaningful experience.


An iOS app should use the native UI elements of iOS and an Android app those of the Android platform. The users of the respective platform are used to their system and know exactly how it works. However, when an Android app looks and works exactly like an iOS app, it often feels like a foreign object to an Android user. An example is the back button in the navigation bar under iOS. This type of back button is not necessary under Android, as there is a hardware global back button. For this reason, we recommend a native app instead of so-called hybrid apps in most cases.

What is user interface (UI) design?

User Interface (UI) design is the process of designing interfaces in software with a focus on appearance or style. Designers aim to create designs that are easy and enjoyable to use. UI design typically relates to graphical user interfaces, but also includes other aspects such as voice control.

Often confused with UX design, UI design is more about the surface and the overall look of a design, while UX design covers the full spectrum of usability. In a figurative sense, UX designs are more concerned with the entire vehicle, while UI design is exclusively dedicated to the dashboard.

In GUIs, you should create beautiful aesthetics and animations that convey your company's values ​​and maximize usability.

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