What are some fine English songs

Nice songs - list with German & English songs

You can find the most beautiful songs here in a list. To keep the clarity, we have divided the wonderful titles into German-language songs and English-language songs. If the German songs are all familiar, you can just scroll down and see the list of English songs there.

Note:To the best love songs!

Nice German songs

German-language music is not only successful in the Schlager genre. Many pop and rock musicians have also published beautiful songs. These wonderful songs all have great lyrics and a memorable melody:

Nice English songs

Beautiful songs in English are a dime a dozen. Here is a mixture of classics and songs from the last few years that have touched a lot of people. There are not only "quiet" songs!

These were our selection of beautiful songs! Was there something for you?

In total there are over 150 songs that meet our criteria: They must have a pleasant melody and have the potential for classics. Of course, what a person understands by "beautiful" is very subjective. We have been guided by positive and enjoyable songs that are some of the best songs of all time.

Nice lists on music sock:

Certainly one or the other nice song went through the rags. If something is missing from the lists, we would be happy if you enter your suggestion below. Preferably with artist and title. We will then take a closer look at your suggested song and decide whether it makes it onto the list of the most beautiful songs. You are welcome to suggest German, but also English, songs.

Then all we have to say is: Have fun listening to music!