How does the snow ice machine work

Small Ice Machine / Commercial Snow Ice Machine For Sale / Ice flake machine

Small Ice Making Machine / Commercial Snow Ice Making Machine For Sale / Ice Flake Making Machine

Product information of Ice Flake Making Machine:

Model: GL-100

Voltage: 220v / 50hz

Power: 500 watts

Dimension: 416x516x760mm

NW. : 38 kg

Warranty: 1 year


Introducing the Ice Flake, The Machine:

1. The Super Fine Snow Machine generates pure snowflakes within 5 minutes by using any kind of liquid.
2. Super Fine Snow is a machine that produces the most beautiful and purest snowflakes, which is perfect for making various cold desserts. It is unlike other machines that produces very soft and smooth snowflakes.
3. Because it will enhance the taste of amazing snow-iced desserts. The Super Fine Snow can be placed just about anywhere because it requires very little space during restaurants, hospitals, beach sides, coffee house and especially franchise restaurants.
4. It is very popular where many take-off customers have and it satisfies customers by producing alternative kinds of menu, such as natural fruit juices, snow slush and sweet bean with snow.
Super Fine Snow Ice Machine is a product that can be easily used by any buyer.
That is to say, it is much easier than other ice razors because, it works in automatic control systems. For example, just connect the hose that is supplied by water or no liquid to the machine.
5. After 5 minutes, snow ice would be made. When the machines are fully covered in snow, the machine will stop in order to make snow by itself.
Currently Snow Machine is very popular in KOREA and already delivered to franchise outlets around the world over 30 countries.


Models of snow ice machine:

No.modelcapacityMachine size (mm)Size of ice room (mm)Power (W)Weight (kg)tensionAir compressor brandHorse of air compressor
1GL-100100 kg / 24 hours416*516*760350*400*30050038220 v / 50 hzDenfoss1 / 2HP
2GL-200200520*560*1250425*430*40090088220 v / 50 hzFrance Taikang1HP
3GL-4004001030*570*1250850*430*4001800172220 v / 50 hzFrance Taikang2HP


Pictures about snow ice machine:




Features of the snow ice machine:

1 unique rotating stainless steel tube evaporator
2 quick separation of water and ice
3 the high efficiency and international first-class compressor
4 cold effect is good, long service life.
5 the forced air cooling fin condenser, cooling effect is good
6 inside and outside the box is made of high quality stainless steel, health, beautiful and durable.
7 full automatic computer intelligent control, full water and ice could be detected automatically
8 with a compressor delay and automatic protection function, absolute protection
9 ice full stop function and an electrical fault automatic detection function
10 refrigerator with an independent control of the lighting lamp, switch can be controlled arbitrarily,
The glass door body design, transparent box body can be seen easily.


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