How can I regain my motivation

No motivation? - so you can change that!

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Have you made up your mind but can't bring yourself to start? Or are you with yours project already on the right track and find no motivation to carry on? Something like that is quite normal, because nobody can always function.

We'll show you how to get out of a low motivation and take off with new energy!

Possible reasons for no motivation

"I'm not a machine ...", this famous line of song probably applies to each of us. And so it is not surprising that ours too Motivation levels fluctuate can - from complete enthusiasm with an irrepressible zest for action to zero motivation, where you just don't want to do anything and postpone everything.

But why is it that we can lose our motivation from time to time? The reasons for this are different for everyone. Often it is due to:

  • A previous one overload
  • The wrong one Choice of destination
  • Lack of success
  • One unexpected eventthat gets you out of your own rhythm.


5 tips on how to regain your motivation

No matter what the reason for your demotivation, the important thing is that you do it recognizeandactiveon the other handAction can. In the following we show you 5 important tips with which you can regain your motivation.

Tip 1: choose the right destination!

In order to do something with passion and motivation, it has to be a goal of what you are really moved inside. Have you set out to lose weight, go smoke free, or exercise regularly? Is that really something YOU want?

The easy way to find out is by imagining what it is like when you've achieved your goal. Let yourself be live in your goal in front of your mind's eye. How are you going to feel if you go through regular training are fitter, have lost weight or no longer have to reach for the glow stick?

Make a list that you will all Benefits of your achieved goal shows. So you'll know why it's worth tackling this. The formulation of your goal is also important. Use the SMART rule for the formulation of goals.

Tip 2: just start!

Okay, that's easier said than done. Still, it's important to start working on your goal easy to start. The Motivation comes sometimes easy while doing. When you have set a goal and you are clear about the activities to do it, follow them 48 hour rule.

This means that you should be tackling the things you set out to do within 48 hours. Otherwise, there is a high probability that you will never do it. So you can quickly get into one "Flow" come that automatically lets you go on and on.

Tip 3: up and down is completely normal!

It is perfectly normal for your own Motivation certain fluctuations subject. Just take this fact for granted. In order to pursue your goals even on days with little motivation, a Daily schedule help.

If you should have lost your motivation through a lack of motivation, so then start slowly again and don't set yourself too much right away. This also applies when you start a completely new thing. It is better to yourself small steps to undertake. So you see quick successesthat support your motivation.

Tip 4: treat yourself to enough breaks!

You can only be motivated if you have enough energy. For that are also enough breaks and enough sleep necessary in order not to exploit your energy level. Only with enough energythat you can get yourself through enough rest, you are also able to tackle your projects with motivation.

If possible, you should make sure that these breaks not for several days pull away. It is best if you do something for your goal every day and work on your project. With this tactic of small steps, the ones that start out become new Activities quickly become habit.

Tip 5: remember your why!

Are you currently stuck in a deep motivation hole and don't know how to get out of it? A good way to regain lost motivation is to remember why you started.

Your very personal why is crucial for tickling your motivation again. Light your inner fire again and you will see that your motivation is on fire right away. Sometimes good ones can help Motivational sayings and quotes famous people.

Conclusion on regaining your motivation

Unfortunately, motivation is not something that you can turn on at the push of a button. To be really motivated, it takes a target, which moves you and real emotions triggers in you. Should you fall into a motivation hole in between, it is easier to together with othersto get out of there again.

In our Community therefore you find enough Incentive, that support your motivation. Depending on what goal you are pursuing, you can also join one of our Social media groups register for the topics:

Here you can find Like-minded peoplewith whom you can interact and who will support you in pursuing your goal. After all, we are togetherstronger than all alone!

That is why we are also interested in how you (re-) find your motivation and what tips and tricks to help you. Just write us one comment below this post! Of course you can also do yours there ask Get rid of.