What are you doing at night

Translation of "what are you doing at night" in spanish

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What do you do, at night stay up and memorize maps?
What you do at night with your pals after chasing after skirts is a shame.
From now on do you each night the kitchen clean.
De ahora en adelante, limpiaras la cocina todas las still.
today Night you do me your gift as a gift.
Esta noche, presentarás ese don a tu rey.
night For Night you do Love, with the most beautiful women in the world ...
I wanted to say with your night job, you know the thing that you do at night. Yes No.
I wanted to ask, what you today Night.
No wonder you 40,000 die Night.
No me extraña que ganes 40,000 en una noche.
You do it the whole night.
There is - if I remember correctly - an old song by Glen Miller that begins like this: "Sleepy time Gal, you're turning night into day" do the night to the day ".
Creo que hay una antigua canción de Glen Miller que empieza diciendo: "Es hora de dormir, chica, estás haciendo de la noche un día ".
Before that thing today Night, I want you to do the other thing we talked about.
Antes de que hagas lo de esta noche, quiero que te encargues de ese otro asunto que hablamos.
And What are you doing? - I graduated from high school.
¿Y tú qué haces? - He aprobado la Selectividad. Este año empiezo en la Facultad.
What do you do with the cortical processor ...
¿Qué vas a hacer con una subunidad de proceso ...
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