Which country has two houses?

Bien-Zenker two-family houses

Two families, one prefabricated house, endless possibilities

Do you dream of uniting two families under one roof? Or would you like to work and live under one roof? A two-family house offers you an abundance of possibilities. You can also use the additional living space as a capital investment - the choice is yours.

So it's no wonder that building two-family houses is becoming increasingly popular. Because many families across generations want to live under one roof - grandparents, parents and children. The advantage of a multigenerational house is obvious: Due to the immediate neighborhood and short distances, you are quickly there for each other. Grandparents can take care of the children quickly and easily, or parents can quickly scurry over to their parents and help out with the household. However, privacy is not neglected: every household has its own area to be undisturbed.


Your dream home - your choice

What do you see when you think about your dream home? What is important to you? So that your Bien-Zenker two-family house exactly meets your expectations, we take the time right from the start to answer all your questions and get to know you, your family and your wishes. So we can - together with you - realize your very own dream home from the almost unlimited structural and technical possibilities of our house construction concept. Modern two-family houses from Bien-Zenker combine the living of two families under one roof intelligently and practically - according to your taste. So you can enjoy life together under one roof!

Working and living under one roof

Are you self-employed and looking for an office, a law firm or a practice? Then it is worth thinking about building a two-family house. Because a large prefabricated house does not necessarily have to be used as a multigenerational house: It also offers you the opportunity to combine your workplace and living space under one roof - long commutes and rush hour are a thing of the past. Whether start-up, law firm or doctor's office: There are no limits to the design of your Bien-Zenker house.


Investing in the future: buying a two-family house as an investment

Thinking about tomorrow today: Would you like to earn monthly rental income to secure yourself for old age? Then building a two-family house might be right for you. Because renting out your additional living space can definitely be profitable.


Realize your dream of a two-family house

Whether as a multi-generation house, workplace or investment: a two-family prefabricated house from Bien-Zenker has many advantages. In our CELEBRATION series you will find a large selection of floor plan patterns with an exclusive design. There is a suitable house for every taste and budget. The design is in your hands: Choose the floor plan that best suits you and your life and we will individualize it together with you according to your ideas. Which design do you like best? Do you want an energy-saving house? Do you dream of a smart home? Your prefabricated house will be just as individual as you. Bien-Zenker is always at your side as an experienced house construction specialist during the planning, construction and beyond. Discover your options and create your own dream home with a house consultant near you!