What is a telecommunications career

IT jobs in telecommunications: on the pulse of digitization

A dynamic IT job: the telecommunications industry as a driving force behind the digital society

It is one of the most dynamic sectors in the German economy and is at the center of digitization. The telecommunications and media sector plays an essential role in the high-tech strategy with which Germany wants to position itself in global competition. With the change to the information society and the rise of the Internet to a new level of social action, the industry is gaining in strategic relevance. Innovative IT solutions in the telecommunications industry are becoming the central "enablers" and impulses for a "digital society" and trigger fundamental upheavals in the world of work.

The telecommunications sector at Capgemini is made up of the telecommunications, media and technology sectors. In addition to telecommunications companies such as network operators, customers also include media companies - such as television broadcasters - and hi-tech groups.

How Capgemini supports IT in the media and telecommunications industries

The telco industry is one of the top-selling industries at Capgemini. We have been supporting various telecommunications companies for more than 30 years with IT expert knowledge. Our customers include wired or wireless Internet service, cable, broadcasting, publishing and entertainment organizations.

We offer these customers a comprehensive range of IT services, starting with the analysis, optimization and implementation of solutions in the areas of broadband technology (fixed network and mobile communications) through IP network architectures to network applications. This results in interesting jobs for a wide variety of IT professions, from business analytics to IT architecture and software engineering.

Which technologies and methods we use for telecommunications and media companies

The methods and technologies used include, for example, DevOps and agile methods, big data, cloud and business intelligence. Capgemini continuously invests in the development of a vision for the telecommunications industry, the "Digital Telco Vision". For example, network operators need to redefine their strategy and target state in a number of dimensions in order to remain relevant in the new digital telecommunications landscape. This includes a digital customer experience, new business models and innovative, cloud-based digital architecture. "Digital Telco" combines customer views and technical requirements into a comprehensive vision.

An example from project practice: Together with Deutsche Telekom, we have redesigned the architecture of their operations support system fiber optic platform. Open source DevOps and cloud technology were used to develop a suitable microservice architecture based on the agile MVP (Minimum Viable Product) approach. The aim of the project was, on the one hand, to align Deutsche Telekom's processes more closely with its own customers and to increase customer satisfaction, and on the other hand, to rapidly accelerate the expansion of fiber optic broadband via a digital platform.

Our IT projects and customers from the telecommunications industry

At Capgemini we work with Germany’s leading telecommunications companies such as B. Network operators and TV providers together. Typical projects concern, for example, the automation of business processes or the management of customer data.

The media industry also brings with it a multitude of interesting trends and opportunities: Society is becoming more digital, new technologies are coming onto the market, viewing and purchasing habits are developing further, and public consumption of physical and digital content is changing. Capgemini knows the specifics of this creative industry and has been helping broadcast, publishing and entertainment organizations stay innovative and stay ahead of the market for many years. Our teams implement, for example, new business processes, content management systems or support in setting up and operating digital supply chain solutions.

Are you looking for a demanding IT job in telecommunications? In our job portal you will find all current vacancies at Capgemini's German locations.

What to expect from our IT jobs in the media and telecommunications industry

In an IT job at Capgemini in telecommunications, you will join a team of experts with whom you support the most important companies in the telecommunications industry, for example in optimizing their processes or in the design, implementation and support of complex technology platforms.

The team structure is very different and depends on the project. Usually there are mixed teams, made up of onshore and / or nearshore teams in Poland and / or offshore employees in India, and who work closely together across national borders. Our nearshore team is primarily set up in German, which our customers appreciate very much.

Requirements for IT jobs in telecommunications

Capgemini is looking for applicants with a university degree for a variety of IT jobs in telecommunications, ideally in (business) IT.

Internships or initial work experience in the telecommunications industry are also an advantage. You should have a personal interest in technology trends in this industry and in their introduction to the market. In addition, working at Capgemini requires very good analytical and conceptual skills. If you can also communicate and present confidently in German and English, you've come to the right place. You can find more detailed information in the current job advertisements.

Capgemini locations for IT projects in the telecommunications sector

We implement most of Capgemini's IT projects in the telecommunications sector at our locations in Munich, Cologne, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt. Apply now for one of our IT jobs in telecommunications in our job portal.

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