Which song makes you most nostalgic

? Which songs awaken memories in you and overwhelm you with nostalgia?

Good evening everyone!

I have a very good friend who is very intelligent, but is also very convinced of this intelligence.

Now it is so that he remembers some situations again and again absolutely convincingly, but I know that they are wrong. If I talk to him absolutely seriously about it, he'll deny it and think I'm lying. Normally he would never throw that at me, but he must be so convinced of his wrong thoughts that there can be no other logical solution for him than that I lie.

I also know the situation on myself, sometimes you just remember wrongly and are very convinced of it. But somehow it's so much more violent with him that you can't even get him around with evidence or witnesses?

His grandfather (on his father's side) has Alzheimer's at a very advanced stage (he only recognizes his wife and no more places or people), and my friend is a little afraid that he will probably get that too.

Are these false memories just a prank that memory sometimes does, or is it perhaps a preliminary stage of Alzheimer's or is it a disease at all?

It just upsets me a bit how you sometimes can't talk to him at all, although he otherwise thinks / acts very logically and fairly.

best regards