Why don't you pursue wisdom

Standard translation

11 There is one who struggles, struggles and hurries, / yet he stays behind all the more.

12 There is a clumsy one who asks for help / one who is lacking strength and who is abundant in poverty

but the eyes of the Lord look on him kindly / and he lifts him up from his humility,

13 he lifts his head up and many are amazed at him.

14 Good and bad, life and death, / Poverty and riches come from the Lord.

15 Wisdom, understanding and knowledge of the law come from the Lord, / love and the ways of good deeds come from him.

16 Error and darkness were created with sinners, / but with those who pride themselves on evil, evil grows old.

17 A gift from the Lord remains with the upright, and his good pleasure will lead to prosperity for ever.

18 A man is rich because of his circumspection and greed, and this is part of his reward.

19 While he says, I have found rest, / now I will eat of my goods,

he does not know how much time will pass and he will leave it to others and die.

20 Stand by your commitments and stick to them / and grow old in what you do.

21 Do not be amazed at the deeds of a sinner! / Trust the Lord and stick to your endeavors!

For it is easy in the eyes of the Lord / to make a poor rich quickly and unexpectedly.

22 The blessing of the Lord becomes the reward of the upright, and in a short time his blessing will bloom again.

23 Don't say: What is my advantage / and what good things will I have from now on?

24 Don't say: I've had enough / and what will harm me from now on?

25 On a day full of good things, one forgets bad things, / but on a day full of bad things one will not remember the good.

26 For in the presence of the Lord on the day of the end it is easy to reward a man according to his ways.

27 Present suffering makes one forget good living / and the end of man reveals his deeds.

28 Don't praise anyone happy before their end / and a man is recognized by his children!

Use caution: 11.29–12.18

29 Do not bring everyone into your house, for a deceitful person sets many ambushes.

30 Like a partridge in a basket for bait, so is the heart of a haughty man / and like a scout he waits for the fall.

31 For he turns good into bad and lies in ambush / and rebukes the excellent.

32 A spark of fire gives rise to embers, / a sinful person lies in wait for blood.

33 Beware of an evildoer, for he brings forth evil, so that he may not reproach you for ever.

34 Take a stranger into the house and he will disturb you, / he will alienate you from your own people.