How can I master mechatronics

Mechatronics technician

Mechatronics technician

What profession are you learning?

I'm learning to be a mechatronics engineer and I'm in my first year of training.

What do you learn in this job?

I am learning how to set up mechatronic subsystems, how to manufacture and assemble parts for them. For this you have to, among other things. be able to handle a drill, a lathe and a milling machine.
Our training also includes technical drawing, especially so that we can read these drawings for our work. We also have to master the programmable logic controller.

Why did you choose this job?

I would like to work in a profession in which I can do manual work and which also offers a wide variety of work tasks. Working in the office all day would not be for me.

What skills should you bring with you if you want to pursue this career path?

If you want to become a mechatronics engineer, you should be gifted with craftsmanship and mathematics shouldn't be difficult for you. Many technical terms are in English, so a good knowledge of this language is an advantage. I have to stand a lot in my job. You should be able to endure that and not have circulatory problems.

How did you find your training company?

I have searched the Internet for jobs that I would like and companies where I can learn them. The employment agency then informed me about the application options in my current company.

How long do you learn?

The training lasts three and a half years.

What tips would you give future apprentices in your apprenticeship?

It is good if you familiarize yourself with the job in more detail before starting your apprenticeship. You can do that at Girls Day and a little longer with an internship. The career fairs are also recommended, because there you can find out extensive information about the training and the subsequent job opportunities.

How should your professional career continue after your apprenticeship?

First of all, of course, I hope that the company will take me on after my apprenticeship. I also want to make my master.
I've also thought about starting my own business. But that must be based on the situation.