What is your opinion on beauty contests

Miss Germany 2020 : Beauty Contests: What's This About?

Rust - let's be honest: Miss Germany? Miss Germany? On this Saturday a beauty contest took place in Rust near Freiburg under the same title.

In view of the founding year of the event, 1927, the word Fräulein may still seem appropriate, in 2020 the F-word is actually only given to those of the past who confuse their aggressive simplicity with gallant cosmopolitanism. Because in the dubious word of honor Fräulein articulates above all the phantasm of budding virginity, which, with a proud everyone, is forced into the sacred order of reproduction.

Miss Germany: Socially committed instead of naked

The organizers in Rust have been trying very hard for some time to appear up-to-date. For a long time now, half-naked women should no longer be presented as compliant mating material, but renowned virtues such as discursive intelligence and social commitment should be rewarded.

This time, the participation of two young mothers - one of whom won, Leonie Charlotte von Hase - should serve as a spacer to the previously propagated ideal. And then the competition jury was freed from all men and thus placed completely in the hands of women. Is that great? No.

Miss Germany election is practiced cynicism

Because: Miss stays miss. Or, in other words: the sexist business model is disguised here as a feminist act of liberation. This is practiced cynicism, but by no means a unique selling point of the Miss Germany freestyle or related beauty competitions. Miss competitions were never much more than compliance exercises on and with women's bodies. Pin-ups in the service of just about anything. Here are just a few examples.

Miss Atom

Jokes with radiant beauty or energetic candidates are almost obvious when you look at this curiosity of a contest. It is also obvious why the Russian nuclear industry came up with the idea of ​​choosing a "Miss Atom" every year from 2004 to 2011. The image of the industry has not been the best since the Chernobyl disaster: the competition was intended to show “that normal people and even pretty girls work here,” said the project manager at the time. The contest, accompanied by powerful and solvent supporters in the background, encouraged numerous women to apply - including bikini photos taken in front of a nuclear power plant. Mr. Burns, take over!

Miss Prison

Who's the prettiest in the whole jail? This question arises regularly in women's prisons in Brazil, Mexico or Colombia. That is when female prisoners dress up and sometimes even step onto improvised catwalks in self-made gala robes. The competition should not only bring a crown, but ultimately strengthen the self-confidence of the participants. Anyone who knows the conditions in Brazilian prisons may at least admit that a recognized position behind bars can be an advantage.

Miss Land Mine

Even the die-hard friend of beauty contests should take their breath away here: In 2008, a "Miss Landmine" was elected in war-torn Angola. Eighteen women took part in the competition, each of whom, according to the requirement for participation, was crippled when a mines exploded. The 31-year-old Augusta Urica prevailed as the winner. She received a custom-made prosthesis and the equivalent of 1,600 euros in prize money. The idea for the Miss election, which both the government of the African state and the European Union support, came from a Norwegian artist: Morten Traavik was shocked by the suffering of the mine victims - around 80,000 amputees live in Angola - and therefore devised an “art project humanitarian claim ”. Something like this goes wrong: aesthetic questions are not moral questions. Basta!

Miss homeless

Just do something good for once: In 2009 it happened that a beauty contest for homeless women was held in Belgium. The winner at the time was 58-year-old Thérèse Van Belle - she was allowed to live rent-free in her own house for a year and go to the hairdresser's free of charge. So the woman could be helped, and in many interviews she was also very grateful. Nevertheless, the question remains whether a social deficit - Brussels alone had 2,000 homeless at the time - can be remedied by a ballot. The talk of the fact that our attention is drawn to an urgent problem does not catch on. At best, it should calm our conscience. Because: There is hardly a greater infidelity conceivable than with our attention.

Miss Plastic

A beauty contest is finally making itself honest: Anyone who wants a chance at "Miss Plastic Hungary" must first have gone under the knife of a plastic surgeon and be able to prove this with a medical certificate. And so that we have it very clearly: Botox treatment is not enough. Only breast augmentation, nose straightening, or liposuction lead to fame. There is nothing natural in the beauty business - even if it is called that. Apparently, they understood that in Hungary.

Miss Reptilium

If you wanted to win this election, you shouldn't have any fear of contact with snakes, scorpions or tarantulas. Finally, on the catwalk for the “Miss Reptilium” competition, you were hung up with all sorts of crawling animals and reptiles. A scenario that is equally degrading for humans and animals, which is also used in the TV show "Germany’s next top model". A private reptile zoo in Landau in the Palatinate last hosted this beauty contest in 2011. And because there is still room for all kinds of other tasteless things in the disgust segment, the organizers had also come up with some jungle tests for the candidates: a kiss for the millipede, a smack for the lizard - you almost want the wine, apple or Asparagus queens back.