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“The perfect nude photo” interview

Sending nude photos carries many risks. This is exactly what appeals to 19 year old Vanessa *. She is convinced that nude photos are part of a relationship!

Image: unsplash.com When was the first time you sent a nude photo?

With 15 years. I was incredibly nervous and didn't even know which part of the body to stage. Precisely because I had a body that was still very childlike. I just tried it out and sent the photo.

How did it come about that you sent your first nude photo when you were 15?

The risk. My parents were very protective. I knew my parents would find it strange if I sent them out. I just wanted to test the limits. What can I try out and how do I feel comfortable with it?

Meanwhile, my parents know about it. When they found out, it was said: three months media ban. No smartphone, no laptop, nothing. This ban was of no use. Meanwhile, I no longer send nude photos via WhatsApp, but via Snapchat.

The risk appeals to me.


Image: unsplash.com

Have you also had bad experiences with sending nude pictures?

Once, a guy I was writing with on Kik Messenger hacked my smartphone and sent me the photos I sent on WhatsApp. He gave me a moral sermon on how easy it is to hack a cell phone and send photos. I should stop taking nude photos. It is for my own protection. Then blocked him and deleted Kik. I stopped shipping for a short time. This guy really scared me.

What do you think of the following statement: A proof of love for women, a test of courage for men!

I wouldn't say “test of courage.” Men often just send a Dickpic. If I always get the same part of the body, regardless of whether it is in motion or not, it does little in me. It excites me more when I see the whole body. A man's back view can be incredibly sexy. Not so with women. You try harder. For them it is more like a game to stage the body as sensually as possible. This is not the case with men. And I think that's a shame.

I want men to take photos of more than just their penis.

What does a perfect nude photo look like to you?

The most important thing is that I realize that the person is comfortable. A person exudes a different mood when they don't. Personally, I love my boyfriend's shoulders and I find that incredibly sexy. The preferences always vary.

My tip: don't take mirror photos! They are beautiful, but often not that aesthetic.

How important are nude photos in a relationship?

I think it's part of stimulating each other. At the moment I am in a relationship and only send photos to my partner. And he sends some back to me. It is based on reciprocity.

Do you expect nude photos from your partner?

No not at all. If the person doesn't want that, that's it, done. Just because I feel good, the person doesn't have to feel that they have to send me one too.

I respect it if he doesn't want to send me back nude photos!

Should our society be more open when it comes to sending nude photos?

I wouldn't say we should be more open. Everyone should decide for themselves. It can get on the psyche when someone is pressured to do so, which certainly happens. Or when you push yourself to do it. I think it's good that the sending of nude photos is criticized.

Society should not market this issue positively, as sending nude photos can clearly have a negative impact.

* Name changed

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Written by: Deborah Amolini

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