Cats can sense beyond their five senses

Do cats have psychic abilities?

There is hardly any other animal that has so many myths about cats. They were already written one in history Connection to the gods, but also the hell too. They were for canonized as Lucky charm or as Messenger of calamity seen. It was also said that they can look into the hereafter.

Because cats from the human perspective every now and then behave strangely and inexplicably, they are partly still with today psychic abilities connected. But what about the myths about cats who see ghosts and have creepy premonitions?

The cat sees something that is not there

Many cat owners know it: As if out of nowhere, the cat stops dead in its tracks and stares at a certain point, for example a white wall, the door or the window. Maybe she meows or hisses during this, but maybe she just keeps very still. Then when people want to check what their cat is seeing, do not see anything.

It is therefore often assumed that cats psychic abilities and can see things that are invisible to people, Ghosts for example.

This assumption is partly correct. Because it is actually the case that cats can perceive things that humans do not even notice. This is not because cats can see ghosts, but because they can see them whole other sensory perceptions have as people. For example, you smell and hear three times as good like their owners. Therefore, if a cat is staring at a wall, it may simply be heard from behind the wall.

In addition, cats are able to to see ultraviolet light. Humans can't. A simple sheet of white paper can therefore look a lot more exciting and colorful to cats than it does to humans.

Can cats foresee natural disasters?

Again and again you hear stories about cats Volcanic eruptions or earthquakes have felt it days or hours in advance and warned their owners about it. Other domestic and wild animals are also said to have this ability. But do cats really have psychic premonitions?

It is difficult to scientifically check whether cats or other animals actually “sense” natural disasters in advance, because most of the time the behavior of the animals is not documented, but only told. This is no basis for a fact-based study.

Scientist at German Research Center for Geosciences (GFZ) in Potsdam, however, tried to investigate the strange behavior of animals in connection with earthquakes. They came up with the following possible explanations:

  • Animals respond to seismic waves from foreshocks.
  • Animals react to gases such as helium or radon, which escape through foreshocks.

Apparently cats and other animals take it Changes in the air or des Groundwater as Vibrations more sensitively true and thus often become aware of earthquakes or volcanic eruptions earlier than people. Therefore, in this case too, the sensitive perceptions of cats to do something with their seemingly psychic ability.

However, this does not mean that cats can clairvoyant or use psychic abilities to predict natural disasters.

Can Cats Foresee Death?

Stories of cats who sit down with people and then die in the next few hours or the next day are downright creepy. In 2007, for example, fascinated the story of the cat Oscar countless people. In a nursing home in the United States, he roamed the patients' rooms and stayed with those who died in the hours that followed. It happened 25 times in two years. It should be by 2015 over 100 dying patients have been.

Other stories are about cats that suddenly lay down on a certain part of their owner's body or lick it off. Later it often turns out that people in these places have a illness had, for example cancer.

The fact is: Cats do not bring bad luck and are not the reason why the people they sit with die soon after! Rather, it seems that cats are realizing that death is about to come. It is not clear where they got this ability from. However, scientists and veterinarians assume that the Sense of smell who has to do with animals. The same goes for diseases. For example, dogs are also known to be able to smell cancer and notice epileptic seizures before they occur.

Ultimately, humans will never know exactly how cats perceive the world and what abilities they actually have. Anyone who would therefore like to believe that cats do have psychic abilities can of course do so. One thing is certain:Cats perceive the world very differently than humans and are often much more sensitive to smells, sounds or other changes.