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Book template for the Netflix hit "365 Days": Can you already read what's next?

"365 Days" has been really going through the roof on the streaming platform since its Netflix launch on June 7, 2020. Similar to the much more reserved Hollywood counterpart “Fifty Shades Of Gray”, the Polish hit is also based on a multi-part series of novels. Because it was only because the Polish erotic trilogy was selling so well that the film came about in the first place.

Anyone who first became aware of "365 Dni" (the Polish original title) after the film, but now wants to know immediately how things are going with Massimo (Michele Morrone) and Laura (Anna Maria Sieklucka), who must either be able to speak Polish or be patient. Because the “365 Days” books are currently neither in German nor in English, only in Polish.

Is the sex in "365 Days" real? Leading actor Michele Morrone explains!

If you don't need a translation, you can get the original Polish versions of the “365 Dni” books * for less than 10 euros each at Amazon and Co. All others have to be patient for an indefinite period of time - there are unfortunately no official details on plans for a German version.

For all those who just want to know roughly what the probably most bizarre lovers of the film year can expect in the sequels, we have roughly summarized the upcoming events ...

This is what awaits you in "365 Days 2" and "365 Days 3"

"365 Days 2": After Laura actually falls in love with her kidnapper at the end of the first volume or the first film, in “Ten dzien” (the original title of the second book) she finally falls into the clutches of a mafia-like competitor of Massimo. He now not only has to see to it that he brings his better half back, but also to protect Laura from the dangers that await her at his side in the future.

"365 Days 3": The time has finally come: Massimo and Laura say yes to each other in “Kolejne 365 dni” (the original title of the third book). But the luck only lasts for a short time, because the meanwhile pregnant Laura is shot shortly afterwards - and Massimo is faced with the decision whether to save her life or that of their child together ...

By the way: If the books are still not translated into German, you should at least get to see the film adaptations of the sequels soon. Because the official confirmation of "365 Dni 2" and "365 Dni 3" is probably only a matter of form after the huge success of the first film ...

You haven't even heard of the first film? Then it's worth taking a look at the trailer before you fire up your Netflix account:

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