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Sincerity: what distinguishes honesty

Every day we deal with a multitude of different personalities: colleagues with whom the office is shared, the supervisor who presents new projects in the meeting or the customers who are brought up to date during a presentation. Each of these contacts brings his own own character and different goals With. Yet how do you know when to use it sincerity and when to do with hypocrisy or lies? It is certainly wrong to put everyone under general suspicion and to accuse everyone of lying in principle. But one is just as reluctant to be fooled. This is what distinguishes honest people ...

Sincerity: What Makes It So Valuable

Unfortunately, sincerity is at times when there are many only looking for your own benefit are a rare commodity. The more you should maintain contact with an honest and sincere person. An honest colleague in the office, for example, has the same several positive effects on your work environment.

For one thing, you don't need to worry about how you will act towards your colleague. He will accept you exactly as you are without judging you. But there are also others in direct contact positive qualities of sincerity that illustrate the value of honesty in interpersonal contacts.

  • Reliability. Sincerity can also be seen in sticking to agreements and understandings. If the colleague takes on a task or offers his help, you can be sure that he will do it conscientiously.
  • Objectivity. A sincere character always includes a certain amount of objectivity. You have to be able to assess yourself and your fellow human beings fairly. This objectivity allows for excellent feedback or the analysis of errors in order to make progress.

Sincerity in word and deed

Many people have a very precise picture of sincerity or honesty in their heads. This usually relates to a specific rule: Do not lie! That's true, of course, and speaking the truth is an important aspect of honesty. However, there is also a second part - Honesty in your own behavior.

This is about the other person not to manipulate or deceive by one's own actions. So if you behave dishonestly, you either try to harm the other through your behavior or to take advantage of it.

Sincerity: What Makes Honest One?

The advantages of dealing with an honest person are clear - and who wants to worry permanently whether they are being lied to or even betrayed? The The problem remains, however: How do you know sincerity? Unfortunately, both honesty and hypocrisy can seldom be seen at first glance and deceit is often covered up by mock sincerity. However, there are some signs that are good indicators of sincerity. These seven characteristics distinguish honest people.

  1. They say exactly what they mean

    Probably the most obvious and well-known characteristic of honesty. Sincere people are able to express their opinions openly and to defend them. This is not always easy, because they will also address unpleasant truths and do not gloss over or downplay anything. However, you don't have to worry about something being hidden.

  2. You don't need attention

    Honest people tend to be stable and confident. They know their strengths, but also their weaknesses. An increased need for attention, on the other hand, is based in many cases on uncertainty. This insecurity should be overcome through attention and affection. On the other hand, those who are honest with themselves and their environment are happy when they meet with approval, but they can also deal with rejection.

  3. They don't take things personally

    As mentioned above, honesty is also characterized by objectivity. This enables honest people not to take criticism or a wrongly chosen word personally. An honest assessment of one's own abilities also helps here. Those who admit their own mistakes are also better able to deal with them when they are addressed by another person. Anyone who wants to maintain a seemingly perfect image, on the other hand, reacts irritably to every accusation.

  4. You can empathize with your fellow human beings

    Sincere people are very empathetic and quickly notice how their counterpart is doing. On the other hand, this means that honest people are not so easily fooled. They look at things very realistically and are therefore anything but naive. Lies and inconsistencies are usually exposed quickly and accurately.

  5. They don't show off successes

    It is one side of being aware of success and definitely feeling proud. However, peddling performance and telling everyone about it for the sake of praise is something completely different. Therefore, those who behave honestly do not need to brag. In this case, it is enough to be aware of the success yourself and to be happy about the positive feedback that you receive anyway - and completely without showing off.

  6. You feel good in your skin

    Honest people are at peace with themselves. They have nothing to hide because they treat themselves and their environment fairly and honestly. From this knowledge, great self-confidence can arise.

  7. They don't set ideals

    Some people have high demands on colleagues, employees or simply on their environment. But not everyone manages to orient themselves to these guidelines at the same time. Honest ones, on the other hand, would never give advice that they didn't follow themselves. Nor is it in their character to dictate behavior to others. You are more likely to focus on yourself without manipulating others.

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