What are different types of accounts

Account types - auxmoney financial lexicon

Since it was founded in 2007, auxmoney has developed into Germany's largest online loan marketplace for P2P loans and has been the nationwide market leader in crowdlending ever since.

As an investor, you will become an important part of this business model for everything to do with the online loan marketplace by helping people find the financing they want. At the same time, investing in personal loans offers you high returns and monthly returns. A large number of new loan projects are activated every day and offer you the opportunity to create a broadly diversified investment portfolio with calculable risk. Registration and bidding are free for investors at auxmoney. All you have to do is pay a one-time fee for investment management of 1% of the investment amount. All other services are always free of charge.

With every credit request on our marketplace, auxmoney first calculates the credit seeker's auxmoney score. This is a multi-level rating system that provides initial information about the creditworthiness of the individual borrowers.

Depending on whether you want to lend money for security or return, you can achieve an average total return of 5%. This means that all alternative offers from a conventional bank in the form of overnight money or fixed-term deposits are exceeded many times over. With the investor cockpit you also have an overview of all processes on the credit marketplace as well as your investments and returns. The easiest way to invest your money is with the Portfolio Builder, the professional investment tool for investors. This offers a fully automated investment amount that you specify for different projects. With the help of our cooperation partner flatex Bank AG, a free investor account is created with which all necessary money transfers are processed. So you can lean back comfortably and benefit from your passive income.