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Terrifying statistics: 25 drivers were already killed at the end of a traffic jam on Germany's roads in 2021


Although the total number of fatalities on Germany's roads is falling, there are always unthinkable accidents and life-threatening traffic situations at traffic jams. The statistics are terrifying. According to the initiative “Wide awake at 80 km / h”, 25 drivers have died between the beginning of the current year and mid-April as a result of several accidents at the end of the traffic jam.

Both the increased construction activity and the growing traffic load lead to more traffic disruptions due to traffic jams on the motorways. Many accidents also occur due to lack of attention, distraction and insufficient safety distance. Inappropriate speed is also the cause, counts the Münster police. Difficult working conditions for many truck drivers are also important. There is extreme price and time pressure in the transport industry. Truckers are often forced to exceed their working hours. The consequences are devastating.

Terrifying statistics

According to the information from the portal Autofahrerseite.eu and a report by the Münster police A truck accident happens about four times a day on German autobahns. One in three of them occurs at the end of a traffic jam. It should be emphasized that accidents of this type are responsible for 80% of road deaths in truck accidents. And that even though an emergency brake assistant is installed in 70 percent of all trucks on the German autobahn. As the initiative “Wide awake with 80 km / h” indicates, have between the beginning of the year and mid-April, 25 drivers had lost their lives at the end of the traffic jam.

Such unthinkable accidents like the following three occur again and again in the last week alone.

Last Friday on the A14 on the route between Nossen Nord and Nossen Ost, three trucks crashed into each other at the end of a traffic jam. A truck driver died at the scene of the accident.

Another driver was killed in an accident on Autobahn 30 near Laggenbeck on Thursday afternoon. The man trapped in his Sprinter succumbed to his injuries at the scene of the accident. According to previous investigations, he overtook a truck in the left lane. When he cut back to the right, he noticed the end of the traffic jam too late and crashed into a truck.


Another tragic accident occurred on Tuesday, April 14th on the A2 in Saxony-Anhalt. A Belarusian truck driver overlooked an articulated lorry from Poland standing at the end of the traffic jam, which pushed a total of four articulated lorries into one another. The 61-year-old from Belarus died at the scene of the accident. The Pole in front was taken to a clinic, slightly injured.

Even 50 km / h can be fatal

The statistics confirm that accidents in front of the construction site pose a particular risk when one or more trucks are involved.

Whether the truck goes into the car or vice versa is less important, emphasizes accident researcher Siegfried Brockmann from the Association of the German Insurance Industry to the FAZ. Even if a car crashes into a stationary truck, you can hardly survive an accident like this at speeds of 50 kilometers per hour or more. The car then drives under the truck and is sawed off at the height of the A-pillar, ”he explains.

In many cases, emergency braking assistants do not provide adequate protection either

Although equipping with an emergency braking assistance system has already been mandatory for newly registered trucks with a gross vehicle weight of more than eight tonnes since 2015 and for l commercial vehicles over 3.5 tonnes since 2018, this solution, too, in many cases does not offer adequate protection for road users at. As the Hellwach initiative emphasizes at 80 km / h, since mid-2020 all European manufacturers have been equipping their trucks with optimized emergency braking assistants as standard and even at no extra charge, which can brake the vehicle to zero on dry roads. However, the driver can influence the intervention of the emergency brake assistant. If the emergency braking is interrupted, the truck will then crash into the obstacle with practically no brakes. In addition, many drivers lack instruction and knowledge of their vehicle technology. It is therefore recommended that drivers use the left lane at the end of the traffic jam. An appropriate safety distance from the vehicle in front is also essential.

Photo: Pixabay