Is bow fishing fun

Precision from head to toe

It is sport, concentration, meditation, nature experience and recreational fun rolled into one: archery. The challenge is to bring the entire body under tension and still focus on your target in a concentrated and calm manner and to let go of the arrow at the right moment. Anyone who has tried it once is fascinated by this sport. Archery requires a straight posture, body control and stamina. The sequence of movements is complex and also requires mental energy in order not to tense up on the way to the desired hit.

Most of them know the bow and arrow game from their childhood. Modern bows, however, are highly developed sports equipment that can be well adapted to the respective shooter depending on strength and stature. Archery itself has a long history, after all, it is also one of the oldest forms of hunting known to man. The oldest secured archaeological evidence for this is considered to be completely preserved arrows from around 10,000 BC, made of pine wood and with stem tips made of flint. The time when you used a bow and arrow to get your food or even confront your enemy is of course over. Bow hunting and bow fishing are prohibited in Austria, as well as in Germany and Switzerland.

Strength and calm

Archery is also used in meditative and therapeutic areas. If the sequence of movements is carried out correctly, the muscles in the shoulder girdle and trunk in particular are strengthened. Since archery has a lot to do with inner calm and concentration, it promotes the unity of body and mind and also helps the archer to get into a kind of meditative self-forgetfulness.

Olympia and World Cup

Archery has been an Olympic sport since 1972, after having been represented at the Games at the beginning of the 20th century. Standardized targets are fired at from a distance of 30 to 90 meters. There are also world championships in 3D shooting and field archery, where animal dummies or special targets are shot in the field along a course.

Simple to modern

The classic longbow is the simplest bow, a bow in its most original form. In a so-called "recurve bow", the ends of the bow are curved; depending on the type, a sight and arrow rest can also be attached to them. The "compound bow" is the most modern form of the bow. A technically advanced piece of sports equipment that uses a pulley system to increase the shooter's traction.

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