Are tattoos allowed for railway work

Tattoos on the arm: an absolute no-go in these jobs

Tattoos? Nowadays it's completely normal. Like piercings, they have been around since Adam and Eve. The times in which the wearers of the sometimes more and sometimes less colorful body art were immediately stamped and subjected to incredulous head shaking are definitely over. At work, however, tattoos on the arm in particular can lead to problems or thwart your dream job from the outset.

Stricter rules for customer contact

In some professions, even wearing visible tattoos is no longer a problem. Examples are jobs in the creative sector, positions in trendy shops or manual trades. However, in addition to the industry, where you work is also decisive for tattoos on the job. While employees are allowed to live out their freedom "behind the scenes" in many cases with the blessing of the boss, the rules regarding tattoos on the job in industries with direct customer contact are often stricter. An employee at the bank counter or in financial advice with visible tattoos on his arm is generally considered an absolute no-go. However, this does not necessarily have to damage a career in the bank, as long as the guidelines applicable in the company are observed.

Your employer may set up these tattoo rules

It is your private matter whether you get a tattoo or not. Employers can stipulate a general ban in the contract, but whether these clauses are effective is another matter. However, the employer may require you to wear certain clothing, remove jewelry and cover up visible tattoos during your working hours. However, the employer must not prohibit getting a tattoo.

In these industries, tattoos can become a problem:

  • Advisory professions: Tattoos are often undesirable in banks, insurance companies and government offices.
  • Gastronomy: Often accepted by the cook, mostly a problem with the service staff.
  • Passenger transport: Visible tattoos are a no-go in direct contact with travelers.
  • Police Service: Do you want to hunt down criminals? But then please without visible tattoos.

Check the position before the jump-off

Do you want to get a tattoo? Then check beforehand the situation with regard to body jewelry with your future employer. Most of the time, the tattoos are already there. In this case, it is best to be very open about the situation and stand by your tattoos. Often a solution can be found in the interview that both sides can live with (for example, by covering the tattooed area with long clothing). And if not, you have two options: Either you look for something else, or the tattoo has to go.

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