Carrots make your eyes blue

Can a raw vegan diet change the color of your eyes?

Screenshot from YouTube from the video "Eye Color Change on Raw Food Diet" by Alinochka888

Whether I'm having my morning toast, celebrating my lunch break in the office, or having trouble sleeping at night and digging peanut butter out of the jar with a spoonful of peanut butter because I'm a terrible, disgusting person, you can be sure that in all of these situations, I will I am hypnotized by what any 17-year-old who still lives with her parents and is working on her high school diploma ate that day. I spend way too much time watching YouTube videos about vegan food. Believe me, I really do this every day.

And that's why it was only a matter of time before I came across an obscure secret. The holy grail of HCLF (High Carb Low Fat) and raw veganism: the legendary eye color change.

The queen of this phenomenon is called Fully Raw Kristina. The video, in which she explains how her eye color changed from brown to blue-green due to her raw vegan diet, has been viewed around two million times so far. She went to an iridologist who explained to her that every part of the body and every organ is reflected in the eyes. It's like reflexology, where your feet hold a map of your body, so to speak, with just your eyes. With the help of iridology one should be able to see if there are problems anywhere in the body.

If you're reading this now and you think immediately that this branch of science sounds like bullshit, then let me recommend this video that I found one night on a peanut butter rush. The older Dr. Robert Morse, a celebrated naturopath and iridologist, points a small spot on a photo of an eye with a laser pointer and explains what that reveals about the woman's uterus. He advises her to "go in there" and strengthen the wall of her vagina. Yep, this stuff really goes in depth.

In any case, before her raw diet, young Kristina only went to the bathroom once a week because she was constipated because of her poor, high-fat diet. And that's what Kristina's iridologist explained to her: If her intestines are full of toxins and other shit, then her eyes reflect all this filth. And after she started the raw vegan diet: Bäm! The constipation and all that stuff were gone, and her eyes turned blue as if by magic. That sounds quite unbelievable now. With more cynical people, the quack alarm bells are likely to start ringing loudly when she talks about how the eyes are the window to the soul and how raw food cleanses the soul, blah blah blah.

Kristina before

Kristina afterwards. Crazy, right?

As strange as it all sounds, Kristina isn't the only one talking about it. There are discussions about it on most of the HCLF blogs and videos of vloggers talking about changing their eye colors. There are FAQs on this - what can and cannot be expected. It's almost like a goal to be achieved: an award for anyone who invests their time and money in an extreme lifestyle. A physically visible confirmation — in addition to the usually strong focus on losing weight — that this lifestyle must be good and right. It is definitely quite problematic that blue or light eyes are supposed to represent a "pure" body, while people with darker phenotypes puzzled in the comments whether they can even achieve this effect.

Let's get down to business. Is this all a load of horse shit? A thorough Google search tells us that there's little evidence that raw fruits and vegetables can change the color of eyes. In fact, there is no evidence that such a change can ever be a good, but there is evidence that it is an indicator of bad - for example, Horner's syndrome or pigment dispersion syndrome.

All five iridologists I interviewed on the subject thought this sounded strange. John Andrews, an iridologist from Yorkshire, England, said: “Unfortunately, it is a misconception that the eyes change color depending on the diet. That is scientifically impossible. "Yvonne Davis, an iridologist from London, was similarly skeptical, but explained how the change could potentially have come about." Most iridologists believe that the eye color hardly changes and that it is hardly possible. By the time you are in your late teens or early 20s, your eyes look the way they will look until you die, but until then they will still change, so depending on your age, the change may simply be because of that.

“Sometimes an older person, who may be in their 40s or 50s, and who had previously had a very harmful lifestyle, can sometimes see a little brighter eyes after an extended detox period, I mean at least a year . Aging can also cause the pigmentation of the eyes to increase slightly. "I showed her the video of Fully Raw Kristina so that she could evaluate this case." When someone detoxifies or goes vegan, some colors and properties of the eye can change change - a little. But it is very, very rare that the eyes change from brown to such a blue with hazel brown. I find that extremely suspect. "

However, Yvonne also said that in Kristina's case it could have something to do with the digestive problems she describes in the video. “In iridology, the area directly around the pupil is considered to be the eye region, which stands for the stomach. When someone has real indigestion, it can make that area look browner. She switched to a healthy diet, and that pigmentation may have lightened a little, revealing that blue and hazel color that has always been there. It could be something like that, but I'm really not sure. I remain suspicious. "So maybe this is more about people with initial digestive disorders, and not about the raw vegan diet unleashing magical powers that change the eyes.

One person who vehemently disagrees with these eye experts is Ondrej Matej, a vegan nutritionist and fitness trainer. “Diet can definitely affect eye color. That has been known for a while. "He explained to me that the raw diet had also changed his eye color." They were initially very dark brown, then they turned light brown with a faint green ring around the outside. You can see that the eyes change depending on the diet get brighter. " He also referred to iridology himself: “There are tiny dots in the eye, and each of them is connected to an organ. They show how healthy the organs are. Those who are healthy have clearer eyes. "

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If that's true, should the people who talk about it on the internet really expect this change to happen to them? “It's not that they're brown today and blue tomorrow. It is a process that takes years, "he said. When I look further, he admits that not everyone will necessarily notice such a change in themselves:" It will also have something to do with genetics. It is a very difficult subject. It's not something that happens every time, and maybe your eyes just get more open and clear. "

Ondrej thinks that this change in eye color may only now be noticeable to many people because raw vegan diets and HCLF have been trending lately. In addition, it takes a long time to see these results, which is why we are only really starting to notice it now - if this phenomenon really does exist, but Ondrej is absolutely convinced of it. “People might not believe it now, but that's one thing that could become even more common in the future.” More and more people are switching to vegetarian or vegan, and diet trends like Raw till 4 and HCLF are getting more and more attention from people , who want to live healthier or lose weight. But nobody really seems to know whether this is bullshit or not - even if my bullshit counter is getting pretty hard and I probably agree with the iridologists I interviewed. Maybe we will never know the truth until most of humanity has eaten 20 bananas for breakfast and spiraled zucchini for lunch.

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