What is the class at Towson

Collaboration with Towson University

New programs as part of the cooperation between ETU "LETI" and Towson University (USA).


The ETU "LETI" has been working with Towson University (the United States) since 1993. March the LETI students visited Towson University as part of this cooperation program.

The supervisor of the program, the senior teacher of the chair for public relations Tatjana G. Sheremetyeva, had the task of developing a fundamentally new program for the LETI students with colleagues from Towson University. In the past, LETI students only received a certificate of participation after 2 weeks of studying at Towson. The new program provides for three weeks of classes, for which Russian students receive credit points. This is a big step forward in the cooperation between the two universities.

In addition, the possibility of lectures at LETI by the Towson teachers and the expansion of the youth leadership conference were discussed during the visit.