Speciation would occur if humans colonized Mars

What could cause people to break in many different ways?

After all, a computer program is made up of two different characters: 1 and 0. The only thing that matters is the order in which they are displayed. But from that alone we get amazing tools , such as Stack Exchange.

When a person is conceived, apart from a little cellular support function, four different signs - A, C, G and T - are repeated three billion times. Again: What makes us humans, and not, for example, monkeys, fish or amoebas, is the order in which these characters appear.

The interesting part is that it doesn't take a lot of rearrangement to go from humans to something else. Humans have more than 99% genetic similarities with chimpanzees, for example. That's just 30,000,000 base pairs that need to be rearranged, and voilĂ  ... a whole new breed.

They have 99% genetic similarity to these companions

So what if we can do genetic engineering on ourselves? Movies like Gattaca have already explored this venue. The human being becomes start fixing the most noticeable flaws in our genetic code, such as the fact that our retinas are awkwardly turned back, our idiotic lack of vitamin C self-sufficiency, or our completely unnecessary susceptibility to viruses and bacteria.

How long will it take until we have the first "patch" for our genetic code? Will everyone get it? Can everyone afford it? Does everyone want to get it?

And what if one other Company offers a better patch that is not at all compatible with the first one?

Worse still ... what if we find out that the husband and wife cannot conceive because they have been changed by two different spots?

In real life, Pandora looks at that big box that says "Human Genetic Engineering" and says, "Hmmmm ... I wonder what's in there" ...


It is better to use a non-interrupting thin space (U + 202F) for the grouping of digits than a simple space like here:. Otherwise, your number will be put into words in my browser. Even if it doesn't, it still has too large gaps between groups of digits with single spaces.


Who wants a naturally conceived baby when you can have your perfectly developed baby without that nasty pregnancy? Just for the sake of completeness: Not only is the order important, but also the quantity. For example, there are only two ways to order a single one and a single zero, but there are 4 combinations of 2 zeros or ones:.

Martin Bonner

That's biology. The first rule in biology is that the comment, "Hmm, I think you will find that it is not that simple" always true is. The study of epigenetics shows that defining an organism means more than just knowing its genetic sequence.


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