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Beyond Meat Burger

Beyond burger without meat

What is the truth about the hype about the meat substitute burger?


All statements without guarantee. The information on the packaging applies.

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Where buy?

I have the Beyond Burger at Aldi Bought.

The patties are frozen.

You can find them in the freezer or the freezer.

The Beyond Meat Burger available at Aldi north and Aldi south.
They are now permanently available in the range.

At Aldi there are also those Wonder burger.
(The Wonder Burgers are not frozen.
You can find them in the normal refrigerator section.)

We unpack the burgers

This is what the pack looks like:

The cardboard box contains two frozen burgers wrapped in foil.

What does the frozen patty look like?

The burger patties in the foil:

This is what a frozen burger looks like:

The patties are raw and frozen.
Before preparing they are thawed.

What is the Beyond Meat Burger made of?

The Beyond Burger consists of Pea protein.

The burgers are:
  • vegetarian and vegan
  • without soy
  • gluten free

Ingredients: That's inside

The Beyond Burger is coming without soy and without seitan out.
(Unlike many other vegan burger patties).

The burger is supposed to mimic the taste, texture and appearance of a meat patty.

  • Provides the texture Pea protein.
  • Provides the red color Beetroot juice.
  • Different flavors like Smoke aroma and Yeast extract ensure delicious taste.
  • Other ingredients are Rapeseed oil, coconut oil and Sunflower oil.
  • The additives are harmless in the Beyond Burger.
  • There are stabilizers like cellulose and Potato starch and antioxidants such as Ascorbic acid (= vitamin C).

Here is the ingredient list of the Beyond Burger.
It consists of a total of 21 ingredients.

Ingredients: Water, pea protein isolate (18%), rapeseed oil, refined coconut oil, aroma, smoke aroma, stabilizers: cellulose, methyl cellulose, gum arabic; Potato starch, maltodextrin, yeast extract, salt, sunflower oil, dry yeast, antioxidants: ascorbic acid, acetic acid; Color: beetroot red, modified starch, apple extract, lemon juice concentrate.

All statements without guarantee. The information on the packaging applies.

Nutritional values

Here are the nutritional values ​​of the Beyond Meat Burger.

One patty has 308 calories.

All statements without guarantee. The information on the packaging applies.

Thaw the patties

The Beyond Burgers must be thawed before preparation.

You can do it Thaw in the refrigerator.
(e.g. overnight)

It's faster at room temperature:
The patties thaw within 4-5 hours.

To thaw the Leave the foil on.
Then the patties won't dry out.

This is how they look defrosted.

you are raw and soft like meat burgers and smell very appetizing.


The preparation is easy and straightforward.

You can get the Beyond Burger on the grill or in the pan prepare.

  • Before preparing Thaw in the refrigerator.
  • Heat completely before consumption!
  • Do not freeze again after defrosting!
  • Open the grill or pan preheat medium to high heat.
  • The Beyond Burger approx. 3 minutes on each side grill or fry.
  • Do not overcook.
  • The inside of the patty will stay pink even after cooking.
  • Completely cooked when the core temperature has reached 74 ° C.

Roast in the pan

👍 The Beyond Burger will be without oil fried.
When frying, fat comes out of the patty.

  • The Preheat the pan(fat free) on medium to high heat.
    (I used a coated pan.)
  • The thawed patties in the hot pan lay.
  • Fry for 3 minutes.
  • Then turn and again for 3 minutes roast meat.

This is what the fried burgers look like:

Ready burger

The Beyond Burger can fully convince in terms of taste. It comes extremely close to real meat.

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(If meat-like burgers are not your thing, you can e.g. make a bean burger yourself.)

Here you can see how the Beyond Burger is perfect Texture of meat fiber imitates. The patty is inside after frying nice red and juicy like a real meat patty.

The Beyond Meat Burger really comes close in terms of taste real meat ran. He can convince many people, more often than not to forego meat.

Inspirational text from the burger pack:
>>> Here in German <<<


At Beyond Meat®, we started with simple questions. Why do you need an animal to create meat? Why can’t you build meat directly from plants? It turns out you can. So we did. We hope our plant-based meats allow you and your family to eat more, not less, of the traditional dishes you love, while feeling great about the health, sustainability, and animal welfare benefits of plant protein. Together, we can truly bring exciting change to the plate - and beyond.


At Beyond Meat® we started with simple questions. Why do you need an animal to make meat? Why can't you make meat directly from plants? It turned out to be possible. So we did it. We hope that our plant-based meats will enable you and your family to eat more, not less, of the traditional dishes you love, while at the same time feeling good about the benefits of plant protein for health, sustainability, and wellbeing the animals. Together we can bring really exciting changes to the plate - and beyond.
GO BEYOND! (Go beyond that.)

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