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Zabuza Momochi is a Nukenin from Kirigakure. He is also known as "Demon of the Hidden Mist"(霧 隠 れ の 鬼 人, Kirigakure no Kijin), or as"demon"(鬼 人, Kijin) since winning the final of the Genin final; this was a one-on-one duel to the death. He killed over 100 other students without hesitation, so the process was abolished Zabuza is a very strong jonin as seen in the fights with Kakashi Hatake. One of his trademarks is his enormous sword, also known as the Kubikiri Bouchou. He is known for his silent killing technique, and he was - before he was a renegade Ninja became - an Oi-Nin. He is also one of the seven Shinobi swordsmen from Kirigakure.


Zabuza is a tall, muscular man with pale skin, short black hair and light gray eyes. The lower half of his face is covered with a bandage, underneath he hides a relatively narrow chin. Just like almost all other Shinobi swordsmen, Zabuza has shark-like / pointed teeth. He wears his headband on the side of his head. Before leaving his village, he wore the uniform of the Kirigakure assassination troops.


Zabuza is a strong and power-hungry shinobi mercenary who can best fight alone. He maintains a very close, friendly relationship, similar to that between father and son, with Haku, which he was only able to admit to himself after his death. Furthermore, he is a man who rarely lets himself be dictated to, even if he gets them from his client. Zabuza often acts too hastily in a fight and underestimates his counterpart, which means that he has to end the argument several times with serious injuries.


Zabuza set up a small private army as Oi-Nin and attempted a coup against the then Kiri government, but failed. When he was about to leave the country, he met Haku. Although he prophesied that Haku would die lonely, alone and without any use on the street, Haku smiled and said: "You have the same eyes as me, big brother / Onii-san."Zabuza was surprised that Haku had such stamina in such a hopeless situation, recognized his Kekkei Genkai and made him his tool / student. Before the two left the village, Zabuza looked back again and said to Haku:

Today I am leaving this country, but one day I will come again and then this country will be mine one day ... But I need something for that ... I need ...

I see ... don't worry. I am your weapon. Let me be your tool.


From that day on, Zabuza trained Haku in all martial arts and helped him fully train his Kekkei Genkai. He also met Kimimaro once shortly before his clan attacked Kirigakure, who even wanted to fight the two of them, but they weren't residents of the village, so he let it stay.


Fight against team 7

He worked with Haku for Gateau for a while and was supposed to eliminate Team 7. But he lost the first fight against Kakashi Hatake and had to be rescued by Haku with a trick and then nursed back to health. After regaining his strength, he met Kakashi Hatake again. While Zabuza took care of this, Haku had to deal with Sasuke Uchiha and later with Naruto Uzumaki. In the course of the fight, Zabuza managed to injure his opponent with his sword. In addition, the "demon" Kakashi's Sharingan managed to incapacitate by using the kirigakure no jutsu, which means that even the sharingan practitioner is no longer able to recognize the enemy's chakra channels. Even so, Zabuza quickly found himself in an awkward position, as Kakashi took his dogs to help; shortly before he was killed, however, Haku stood between him and Kakashi's Raikiri. As a result, Haku died for Zabuza. Zabuza showed no movement, but could no longer concentrate and was easily incapacitated by Kakashi by piercing his last functional arm with two kunais. Kakashi knew about Zabuza's loss, whether he recognized it with the Sharingan or noticed it is not known. When Gateau finally showed up, Kakashi gave up the fight against Zabuza.

The tool called Shinobi

I only used Haku the way Gateau used me. He is no longer of any use to me. The loss of his strength and his abilities, that's what hits me. But the boy didn't mean anything to me.

—Zabuza Momochi

When Gateau later mocked the dead Haku and kicked his face, his teacher showed no emotion. Naruto then talked to him and reminded Zabuza of all the years he had spent with Haku. Finally, Zabuza began to cry and made up her mind to avenge Haku's death. Gateau had intended to kill Zabuza and Haku, so he brought several mercenaries with him. The demon of the hidden mist, armed with only one kunai in its mouth, managed to take out some of these mercenaries and kill Gateau, but he was mortally wounded several times by Gateau's men. In the manga, Zabuza headed Gateau with the kunai, in the (German) anime he pushed him down the bridge with a headbutt.

Dying together

After Haku was killed by Kakashi and Zabuza collapsed from the injuries inflicted by Gateau's mercenaries and Kakashi, Zabuza asked Kakashi to place him next to Haku so he could see his face. Kakashi granted him this wish and Haku and Zabuza died side by side, just as they had lived. Both were later buried next to each other by Team 7.

You were always by my side. To be by your side in the end is the least I can do for you ... If it's somehow possible then I want to go to the same place as you, Haku. It is my last and greatest wish ... to be with you.

—Zabuza Momochi

Revival through Kabuto

For the war against the alliance of the five great shinobi powers, Kabuto Yakushi with Kuchiyose: Edo Tensei revives the former Akatsuki members, the former Jinchuuriki, the former Kage and some elite Shinobi from different realms. However, just like the others, Zabuza is not really alive, but is controlled by Kabuto. Zabuza came into a group with Haku, Pakura and Gari, with Zabuza being the only one without Kekkei Genkai. During the war, they met Kakashi and Sakura again. While they were forced to fight, Zabuza and Haku asked about Naruto and how he had fared, which Kakashi then told them. But when Kabuto started using a different technique, Zabuza asked Kakashi to stop her quickly. After a tough fight, Zabuza was finally defeated by Kakashi and incapacitated by Maki through Nuno Shibari no Jutsu.

Techniques and special skills

Zabuza is a specialist in the field of suiton jutsus, which he used very effectively in combat. He is able to lock the enemy in a water prison, or to take his view so far that he can attack silently himself. His jutsus are particularly suitable for long-range combat, but he is also well equipped for close-range combat. For this he can use his water doubles and his huge sword to inflict such enormous damage on the enemy.


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diagram Total (max. 40) Nin-jutsu Tai jutsu Gene jutsu Knowledge Strength speed Chakra Finger sign
30,5 4,5 4,5 2,5 3 4 4 4 4

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  • In the design course for the Naruto manga, his name was Zabuza Momotaro Momochi and had two short swords instead of his long sword. He was also supposed to have a bear as a partner until this was discarded and Haku was invented.[2]
  • He is considered power-hungry and indifferent.
  • His favorite art is kirigakure no jutsu.
  • He wants to fight all five Kage at once.
  • His favorite word is "domination".
  • His hobby is sharpening the knife.


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