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The best minivans 2021

What distinguishes a comfortable minivan

A minivan is useful in all situations. But especially in those where one thing is important: enough space! The MPVs usually offer enough of this and are therefore not only a popular companion in everyday life, but also an ideal companion for holidays, when no favorite part should be left at home. The rear sliding door proves to be a great advantage of most models, which makes getting in and out of the car much easier, especially for families in the city. The possibility of comfortably accommodating more than two child seats and still having space for shopping, dog crates, strollers or other things is another big plus when choosing a minivan.


A minivan must ...

  • have a flexible number of seats - depending on how many people you want to take with you.
  • be clear for the driver.
  • have a certain level of performance.
  • offer plenty of storage space.
  • also be economical in everyday life.


The real space miracle among vehicles

Minivans may have a slightly outdated image and many a young father may have received one or the other pitying look when choosing the new family carriage, but aren't we doing this vehicle category an injustice? After all, no car offers as much space as a solid minivan, which is perfect for long journeys. From five to seven or even eight seats that can be folded down as required and thus open up space for loads of loads are standard on (almost) all models. That makes them attractive not only for families, but also for companies. In terms of design, the space miracles on four wheels have developed significantly in recent years and are definitely worth seeing.


Strong presence on the used market

Whether you are a pragmatist or a luxury fan, whether the focus is on sophisticated safety equipment or a powerful engine - there are minivans for every taste and (almost) every budget. You are also spoiled for choice in the used car market, as minivans are well represented here and are waiting for a new home.