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Which wrench size do I need for which hexagon bolts?

The necessary Wrench Sizes for all hexagon screws DIN 933 and DIN 931 differ according to the DIN or ISO standard and the screw thread size.

The diameter of a screw head is referred to as the width across flats and is indicated as the dimension S in technical drawings and illustrations.

The wrench sizes of hexagon head screws and HV screws with a large wrench size differ mainly according to the metric thread size, which is referred to as M.

In article descriptions and product descriptions as well as information and labels on product packaging, the designation / abbreviation SW is often used for the wrench size.

This dimension of the wrench size is always given in mm (millimeters) for all metric screws and machine screws worldwide.

At the same time, this measure corresponds to the required one Wrench Size of a certain screw size to screw, tighten or loosen.

To choose the right tool, you should know the corresponding wrench sizes of the required wrench size for hexagon bolts

The differences and changes between the well-known and proven old DIN standard and the ISO standard, which has been new and has already been changed several times since 2011, can be found here in the table below.

For do-it-yourselfers and craftsmen it has proven itself in daily practice to know these wrench sizes for all screws.

It makes work much easier to know these dimensions in advance.

To make the selection of the right and common hand tools without having to measure or look up beforehand.

The tools used here are open-end wrenches, socket wrenches or a socket wrench insert (socket).

Table for different wrench sizes of all screw standards in direct comparison

All dimensions in mm (millimeters) highlighted in bold show the difference to the known DIN standard.

Screws - thread sizeDIN screwsISO screwsHV screws
M12.5 mm2.5 mm/
M1.23.0 mm3.0 mm/
M1.43.0 mm3.0 mm/
M1.73.2 mm3.2 mm/
M24.0 mm4.0 mm/
M2.55.0 mm5.0 mm/
M35.5 mm5.5 mm/
M3.56.0 mm6.0 mm/
M47 mm7 mm/
M58 mm8 mm/
M610 mm10 mm/
M711 mm11 mm/
M813 mm13 mm/
M1017 mm 16 mm/
M1219 mm 18 mm22 mm
M1422 mm 21 mm/
M1624 mm24 mm27 mm
M1827 mm27 mm/
M2030 mm30 mm 32 mm
M2232 mm32 mm 36 mm
M2436 mm34 mm 41 mm
M2741 mm41 mm 46 mm
M3046 mm46 mm 50 mm
M3350 mm50 mm/
M3655 mm55 mm60 mm
M3960 mm60 mm/
M4265 mm65 mm/
M4570 mm70 mm/
M4875 mm75 mm/
M5280 mm80 mm/
M5685 mm85 mm/
M6090 mm90 mm/
M6495 mm95 mm/
M68100 mm100 mm/
M72105 mm105 mm/
M76110 mm110 mm/
M80115 mm115 mm/
M85120 mm120 mm/
M90130 mm130 mm/
M95135 mm135 mm/
M100145 mm145 mm/

In mobile vehicle technology, in automobile construction as well as in motorcycle technology and bicycle technology, hexagon bolts with different, mostly smaller wrench sizes are often used!

Here, the reduced wrench sizes of hexagon head screws and machine screws are structurally adapted to the usually limited space available.

These hexagon bolts are not standardized under the known standards such as DIN 931 and DIN 933. The above table of wrench sizes does not apply to this.

More articles and reviews on the topic can be found and strengthened in the screw lexicon, the lexica for all DIN nuts and bolts