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Little-known software provides answers that other analysis tools cannot provide

Vienna / Munich (OTS) - Market analyzes with GIS software answer the question of “where?”: Where can I find my target group, where do I already have customers, where are the white spots on the map and where do I have untapped sales potential? A guidebook from GIS experts WIGeoGIS gives an overview of the topic and shows what geographic information systems (GIS) have ahead of common analysis tools.

Regional factors often determine the benefit

Successful entrepreneurs need to know their market. Conventional market analyzes often neglect the spatial and regional components of the data used and thus give away crucial information and insights. With the online GIS, a browser-based, easy-to-use software, target groups, customers, market potential, the competition and many other business issues can be examined. Global, national or small-scale-local - as it is needed at the moment.

"It is a mistake to believe that Austria functions in the same way at every point," says Zoltan Daroczi, CEO of WIGeoGIS, and by that he does not mean mentalities, but hard facts and figures. “Just think about the metropolitan area of ​​Vienna in the east and the Zillertal. Topography, population structure, logistics and mobility factors are completely different. ”The majority of this data is spatial. Geographic information systems evaluate the data and visualize them based on their coordinates on digital maps. Correlations can be grasped immediately, images can be interpreted better than tables.

Analysis on every spatial level

For example, a car battery manufacturer could analyze its market with the aim of increasing its sales. The market potential is calculated from data such as the number of registered cars and the lifespan of the product. Existing customers - in this example car dealers - and their sales can be found in the company's IT systems such as CRM and ERP system. So far, so well known: Common analyzes now provide results across the entire database without spatial differentiation

The WebGIS, on the other hand, immediately shows the spatial distribution of customers on the map. If you compare sales and potential - this also happens directly in the tool - it is easy to derive appropriate sales measures: Which customers or sales partners should be visited more often, where do you go to acquire new customers? This is no longer a matter of gut instinct, but a fact-based decision, which often also facilitates internal communication. And while the regional manager will look at the postcode level, the top management is probably interested in the whole of Germany or the D-A-CH region. The view can be scaled with a few clicks, from any browser in the company. Role management supports cross-departmental collaboration.

On an advisory page, WIGeoGIS has put together useful information about the numerous analyzes that can all be carried out in one tool: Determining market shares, Boston matrix, to name just two. In practice, the analyzes are often applied overlapping. If you want, you can test the software for 30 days free of charge.

About WIGeoGIS

WIGeoGIS is one of the leading providers and developers of geomarketing and GIS software in Europe. WIGeoGIS offers companies geomarketing advice and analyzes and develops intelligent WebGIS software, QGIS adjustments and geocoding solutions. In addition, WIGeoGIS sells geodata and market data worldwide.
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