Where is the 7th cranial nerve located

The cranial nerves

I.Olfactory nerve
(Olfactory nerve)sensorySmell, tasteIIOptic nerve
(Optic nerve)sensorySense of sightIIIOculomotor nerve
(Nerve for eye motor skills)motorizedEye and eyelid movement; Adaptation to the distanceIVTrochlear nervemotorizedsuperior oblique eye muscleV.Trigeminal nerve
('Tripartite Nerve')sensory / motorsensory: facial skin
motor: masticatory muscles, palate, throatVIAbducens nervemotorizedexternal straight eye musclesVIIFacial nerve
(Facial nerve)sensory / motorsensory: front part of the tongue
motoric: facial musclesVIIIVestibulocochlear nerve
(Auditory and equilibrium nerves)sensoryOrgan of equilibrium (vestibule) and cochleaIXGlossopharyngeal nerve
(Tongue taste nerve)sensory / motorsensory: posterior part of the tongue, soft palate, pharynx and throat
motor: throatXVagus nerve
('Wandering Nerve')sensory / motorsensory: intestines
motor: larynx, pharynx, intestinesXIAccessory nervemotorizedNeck (head turner) and armpit; Completion of the vagusXIIHypoglossal nerve
(Tongue pharynx)motorizedtongue