What are the cons of cramming

How do I learn the text quickly? Cramming with "bison"

If you have to learn the text quickly and for a long time, then you cannot do without pictures. They need to be created and repaired.

E. Ermolov's "bison" may look like this, personal archive

Suppose you need to learn a poem that has four stanzas with four lines in it.

We write the first letters of the words so as not to replace them with synonyms. You get 16 lines, each with some kind of literal formula. Now draw near the stanzas of the picture. We don't focus on the details. We need a symbol, not a picture or graphic. Drawing is not for the exhibition, let it be quick and sketchy.

Now let's make the first attempt to play from memory.

It is completely unclear what the letter means. Important parts of speech were specified in capital letters, prepositions and conjunctions in lowercase letters, but what do capital letters hide?

Color them out. Verbs - their color, nouns - their own. We give color to pronouns, adverbs and adjectives. Now it is clear that in "the mischievous wind is blowing" the action in the character with the storm starts at "D" and retrieving the sentence is much easier.

Let's try to reproduce the text again. It turns out a bit, but I want more detailed scenic tips. Let there be details. Paint again. Otherwise, the preparatory work will take an unforgivably long time without excessive zeal.

Literal formulas are linked to picture references. A storm called DVO - that is "a mischievous wind". Something like the formation of new concepts takes place in the head. The work is familiar, it is easy.

After a few repetitions, the words flow easily and fluently, images are replaced by them in parallel. The order of the changing images should fit nicely in memory. So we repeat and repeat for our pleasure.

The "bison" should be around, because if something is forgotten and it is not possible to take a look at it, it will cause irritation and the desire to repeat and remember will gradually disappear. Copies of "Bison" should be saved in a folder. The full text is on one side of the sheet and the bison on the other.

If it is necessary to constantly remind yourself how a singer needs a song, then you have to get the "bison" and fill in the blank spots regularly and constantly. Say the first of every month. For a few years, huge reserves of precisely reproduced texts will accumulate in memory. They are useful for artists, philologists, lawyers.

Cramming with "bison" is contagious: when they see an effective technique, many begin to use it. You can create a common library of "bison". General class or family.

Of particular interest are bison as a family tradition. Pushkin's great-grandmother remembers her "bison" differently than her own. The selection of texts, manuscripts and drawings from the ancestors is a treasure trove of the genre.

The idea came a long time ago when looking at parental summaries. The most accurate notes with drawings are kept in the house as a relic, and in childhood some of them are remembered. The scheme understood through the text is extracted from memory along with the underlined words and attracts new knowledge. It is surprisingly pleasant to open these notes and transfer them to a local school for a lesson, where everything was interesting and understandable thanks to years of pre-school preparation.

And here's my recollection - the entire Mandelstam volume was cast into the first letters, and the combinations that meant a lot have been highlighted. I pick up the leaflets - and am in the sunny days of my youth, when the sequence of things was connected with quotes from Akhmatova, Svetayeva, Pasternak, Mandelstam. After talking to Karachentsov and analyzing Pasternak's poems, he talked about the flow of images. Words flow like a river and images flow like clouds, and the sailboat of consciousness on these waves under these clouds controls itself, obeying the wind of will and replacing it with the sail of its soul.

Knowing many, many of the best words and going their way and admiring the pictures turns out as you read, but we seldom read the best books again. Really lives in the soul that has been memorized. Our "bison" and "little bison" is a pleasant pastime that gives the sail of the soul a lifelong space under the clear sky of the imagination. And let's not forget that we are all future grandparents who, on long daily walks, have something to keep their grandchildren busy. The technique of memorizing with the help of painted "bison" is therefore useful for everyone, and not just for school children with the eternal task of remembering an evening: "Tell me, uncle, it is not for free ...", "My uncle has the most honest rules ... "or newer with your own chosen poetry:

Try the rabbit litter!

He is strong! He will come!

And heaps of healing honey

Although not to taste.

It tastes cool though

And sometimes they die from

But which survive -

They live to old age! ..