What is bias in electronic circuits

Introduction to the technology of optics for computing

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The aim of the following chapter is to present the physical and electronic basics that are relevant for further understanding. Since CMOS circuits are mostly used in the OE-VLSI circuits intended for optical computing, the basics of VLSI technology (Chapter 2.1) and CMOS technology (Chapter 2.2) are explained first. The focus is particularly on learning to understand the fundamental properties of certain components of optics and optoelectronics, which are essential for the design of optoelectronic architectures, which are naturally foreign to the computer scientist at first. This primarily affects two areas: on the one hand, the structure and function of micro-optical components (Chapter 2.3), which are relevant with regard to the implementation of optical connections for computing systems, and, on the other hand, the structure and function of the basic elements for optoelectronic circuit technology (Chapter 2.4). Physical textbook knowledge is conveyed as well as current developments in system integration are presented (Chapter 2.5).

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