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Email is one of the most important methods of business communication. The communication that you have with your customers must be preserved for the future. It needs to be organized in a way that you can access it quickly when you need it.

Without a good organization of your e-mail communication it could be difficult to make the right contact with your prospects and customers. Zoho CRM offers several options for working with your email client and assigns the emails to customers and prospects within Zoho CRM. Zoho CRM offers the following email options:

Integrated email functionality

You can send emails from your CRM account to your contacts and also have them linked to the contacts or leads without an email account being configured.

Zoho Mail integration

Activate the Zoho Mail integration and set up your email account within Zoho CRM. A copy of all outgoing and incoming emails is linked to the corresponding CRM records. You can set up an email account through popular email clients, or you can use the POP3 or IMAP protocols to create custom email accounts. With this integration, you also get the option to share emails with other users in your company's CRM account. See also Zoho Mail add-on.

You can set up the work email account in Zoho CRM using two protocols.

  • IMAP - allows you to work with e-mail without first downloading it to your computer. IMAP allows emails to be stored on remote servers. With this two-way protocol, you can also synchronize the emails between multiple devices.
  • POP3 - POP downloads emails to your computer and usually deletes the emails from the remote server. This protocol does not allow synchronization of emails between multiple devices. If you read your email on more than one device, read emails could appear as unread, with no indication of which emails you deleted, read, or flagged. The folders you created on one device are not replicated on the other devices.


This option is enabled for the users who also have the Zoho Mail integration enabled. It provides instant notifications when important customer emails arrive in your inbox that need immediate attention. Your inbox will be intelligently searched and you will be notified of customer and prospect emails in CRM. See also MailMagnet.

Zoho CRM plug-in for MS Outlook

If you send and receive emails using Microsoft Outlook, you can link them to the Zoho CRM account using the Zoho CRM plug-in in the Microsoft Outlook account. See also Plug-in for MS Outlook

BCC dropbox

If you have multiple inboxes with different email addresses, all of which are used for business communication, emails sent from different email addresses can still be saved and linked to contacts in Zoho CRM. The BCC Dropbox provides a unique email address for each user in your Zoho CRM that you can use as the BCC address when sending emails to customers. With this unique email address, you can automatically view all of the emails sent to your leads and contacts in Zoho CRM. See also BCC Dropbox.