Is Jason Dean a psychopath or a sociopath

What happens when you attack psycho / sociopaths?


I am 14 years old and have been grappling with this topic lately and now have a few questions.

1) I've read that they differ in that psychopathy is a flaw in the brain and sociopathy "arises" through trauma, but the definition of psychopathy on Wikipedia only says that there are people who do not feel empathy. So would a sociopath who doesn't feel empathy have to be a psychopath at the same time?

2) There are characteristics or typical behaviors for psychopaths (not acting emotionally) and sociopaths (acting emotionally). Now I found sociopaths (who became this through a traumatic experience) who act like psychopaths and psychopaths who have no control over their actions and who act like sociopaths. Is there a term for the separation of "typical sociopaths" and "sociopaths with psychopathic behaviors"?

3) If a part of the brain is not active in psychopaths, could it not theoretically be reactivated? So can it be that a psychopath can regain weak empathy in his or her life?

4) If a psychopath does not feel empathy, then there are no strengths of psychopathy, because if you feel a little empathy you are no longer a psychopath? (Since you cannot feel more than 100% no empathy)

5) If psychopaths do not have empathy, why do some psychopaths bond with people even though they do not get any benefit from it?

6) In films / series, psychopaths not only behave in such a way that they do not care about the suffering of people, but also that they enjoy watching people suffer. What percentage of psychopaths does this apply to? (Having fun when they see people suffering)