What is the future of networking marketing

Network marketing simply explained!

What is Network Marketing?

Network Marketing - the new self-employment. How you can use the business model of the 21st century for your professional advancement.

“Network marketing is the sale / brokering of consumer goods through sales representatives directly to the end consumer. Combined with the possibility of setting up your own sales organization. "

Prof. Dr. Michael M. Zacharias, University of Applied Sciences Worms

Ponzi scheme vs. network marketing

What is a pyramid scheme?

  • The company does not offer any real goods
  • Goods are resold to sales partners (downline) at higher prices
  • Business is based on the payment of "bounties"
  • Additional offers such as seminars and training documents are the focus and are sold

What is Network Marketing?

  • real goods
  • Purchase of goods on always the same terms
  • Commissions only flow when sales are generated through the movement of goods
  • The focus is on the company's products

Conclusion: Network Marketing is not a: pyramid scheme, chain letter, or "get-rich-quick" system. For sure. But too many people certainly don't have the knowledge to understand the difference. It is fundamentally important before starting a business.

How does network marketing work?

Networkers are the focus of their business, use and offer their own range of goods and services and offer them to their customers for purchase.

Classic products can be found in the areas of wellness, health, food supplements, cosmetics, household goods, jewelry, pet food and much more.

Networkers create customer networks through the support of their partners. Networkers participate in the sales of their business partners and their customers.

Only in network marketing can everyone duplicate their available working hours without employees. You could also see it like building branches in franchising, only that no employees, real estate, shop rent, warehousing, nor high investments are required.

“I would rather have one percent of the performance achieved by 100 people than one hundred percent of my own performance!

J. Paul Getty, multibillionaire

Duplication of work performance without employees.

We can do more together. Those who understand the power of duplication will no longer want to swap their lifetime for an hourly wage. A small thank you, how 202 hours can be duplicated from 2 hours of work per day.

Sample calculation:
1. You work 2 hours a day and build on your partner network.
2. After 5 years you have around 100 partners who work 2 hours a day.
3. 202 hours a day are now worked in your network!

Conclusion: If you do not recognize this opportunity, you will still have to work every working day, day in and day out, in 5 years' time. You alone forever, until you retire. Or you take a closer look at this ingenious business concept and decide wisely for the right company and the right partner at your side.

Why Network Marketing?

Network Marketing can solve the most pressing problems of our time:

  • increasing unemployment
  • hopeless pension situation
  • weak individual purchasing power
  • Alternative to retail misery
  • Strengthening the outdated education system
  • Strengthening and developing entrepreneurship

Social trends that support network marketing

Situation today

  • insecure jobs
  • the burdens for the individual increase
  • Social cuts, state subsidies continue to decline
  • Pension traps continue to fall at social assistance level
  • we wrote that back in 2004
  • this list could go on indefinitely

Visible trends

  • The desire for financial security is increasing
  • The need for a second income grows from year to year
  • many people remain active in the age 60 plus generation
  • We wrote that as well in 2004 - did it get better?

Disadvantages of an employment relationship and conventional self-employment

Disadvantages of an employment relationship

  • bound by instructions • Dependence on employer
  • mobbing
  • financial dissatisfaction
  • poor retirement savings
  • from 40 risk group for rationalizations
  • Conclusion: 80% of the employees have already quit their job internally.

Disadvantages of normal self-employment

  • unproductive administrative work
  • Dispute with tax authorities
  • permanent pressure to perform and sales
  • high fixed and variable costs
  • poor payment behavior of customers
  • little family life

Advantages and requirements for building a successful network

Advantages in network marketing

  • low or no investment costs
  • no costs for staff or equipment
  • not location-bound, international business
  • part-time entry
  • almost unlimited income opportunities
  • Licenses are only passed on through the networker

Requirement for the start

  • In network marketing too, you have to work purposefully and sustainably
  • There must be a willingness to undertake further training
  • Constant learning is a simple basic requirement

Conclusion: That is why the BVNM recommends self-employment in the network

Marketing Network Marketing is:

  • a dynamically developing form of business
  • a form of self-employment with little capital investment and above-average income opportunities
  • Full-time and part-time entry possible
  • a low-risk and easy-to-learn business for every woman and every man, combined with great market potential
  • a way to provide for old age for broad sections of the population

Who would like to set up a business? Who would like to start self-employment with a reputable company? Who needs tips for a good start-up strategy? Then become a pro member of the association now. We are happy to help.