How can we get rid of bias?

Foreign culturesCan travel get rid of prejudice?

Travel introduced me to the complexities of people and cultures. It also gave me a good opportunity for self-reflection by forcing me to compare here and there. My worldview changed.

Traveling encompasses a lot - from history to culture, adventure, nature, food and drink to sporting leisure activities. It can (and should) be much more than curiosity, wanderlust and escapism. Rather, travel is the greatest remedy against all kinds of prejudices, both conscious and unconscious. But amazingly, many entrenched beliefs about "others" persist even among well-traveled people. Simply leaving your own house is therefore not enough to break down preconceived ideas in the long term.

Before my first trip to Argentina, people around me seemed to have sworn to hate the country with some nonsensical prejudices. Most of the people I knew predicted that I was sure to be robbed. To this day, however, Paris is the only place in the world where this ever happened to me.

Many of the warnings that we read about certain countries are charged with deeply rooted, sometimes even racist, feelings. Derogatory judgments like "these are dangerous, bad places" may be well meant, but are not helpful in the long run. In societies with economic inequality and the poverty gap, there is always some danger, not just for travelers. But no country in the world is entirely exempt from it.