What does asceticism mean to you


asceticism (die) is a strictly abstinent way of life, in which - originally mostly with a religious background - worldly pleasures and the fulfillment of worldly wishes and desires are renounced.

Forms of asceticism are for example renouncing personal belongings, renouncing comforts such as a soft bed or heating, as far as possible renouncing food, etc. In addition to controlling actual behavior, ideally, control over one's own thoughts and desires should also be achieved.

The term comes from the Greek ascetic (the exercising athlete).


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Phonetic transcription (IPA):[asˈkeːzə]

Usage examples

While I have a blast on the weekend, go out with friends, enjoy life and like to drink one beer too much, I practice during the week in asceticism. Drink a black coffee in the morning and otherwise only consume raw vegetables and water throughout the day.

You can see the hard training and years of training in his body asceticism at.

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