How is Moroccan mint tea prepared

Moroccan mint tea: recipe

Temperatures climb in Germany in summer. Here we show you how you can still keep a cool head. Our insider tip: hot "Moroccan mint tea" ...

Recipe: "Moroccan Mint Tea"

Hotheads watch out! Did you know that warm drinks are the best thirst quenchers in summer? Ice-cold drinks make us sweat. This is because the diencephalon - the "air conditioning" in our body - keeps our temperature as good as possible at 37 degrees Celsius.

So when we drink something cold, the air conditioning comes on: the blood vessels in our body expand, our skin becomes warmer and we start to sweat.

In Morocco - where the sun shines almost all year round - people drink a lot of mint tea. Try it out: You will be surprised how refreshing such a hot drink is in summer!

Ingredients: This is what you need for the Moroccan mint tea

  • 3 teaspoons of Gunpowder (green tea rolled into small balls)
  • 4 teaspoons of sugar
  • fresh nana mint leaves if desired
  • hot water

This is how the Moroccan mint tea is prepared:

1: Pour some boiling water over the gunpowder.

2: Pour off the hot water after a minute and let the puffed tea leaves, together with the sugar and mint leaves, simmer gently in a quarter of a liter of hot water.

3: The Moroccan mint tea is ready after ten minutes!